Designer bassinets from Sleepyhead

The Sleepyhead founder introduces a ground-breaking range of luxe bassinets

Every new mum will know what a Sleepyhead is. Since its creation in 2006 (and its UK launch with John Lewis in 2011), Sleepyhead has gone on to become one of the most requested products by new mothers, the go-to secret for a happy babe and the no.1 must-have product in the UK and US.

Now, Sleepyhead founder Lisa Furuland has introduced something brand new – a modular bassinet that takes its cue from the most stylish interiors and design trends.

An innovative, striking and bold alternative to the standard cot, crib or Moses basket, Furuland’s Aristot designs brings you sculpted, plush and luxurious baby beds, upholstered in velvet or leather, and with a glam brass or black stand.

Offering interchangeable pedestals and bassinets in a variety of finishes, the collection allows style-conscious parents to mix and match to suit their interior style.

Tufted or marbled, the handmade pieces are each crafted by European artisans and designed to transform to adult furniture once baby has grown.

Once that baby has grown out of the bassinet, each piece can be reconfigured into a table or stool and passed down to future generations.

The bases are moulded with steel bars in circular, square cross-section or rocking design, while the bassinets themselves are designed to perfectly the Sleepyhead pods perfectly.

The new concept has already been acknowledged and awarded by the IDA.

Founder Furuland explains: “Much like when I designed the very first Sleepyhead, my goal when designing Aristot was to set a new standard in luxury design for a juvenile product.”

We wonder what she’ll come up with next.

Aristot will be available from Autumn of 2018. Prices from £1000.

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