Discover your crafty side with the latest celebrity deco craze

Few things are better at restoring your calm than an all-absorbing,meditative activity. But what if your relaxing new hobby could also be used tocreate beautiful boxes or wall hangings for your home – or even gifts?

Petit point – an ultra-fine version of canvas embroidery, and arguably the new knitting and macramé in one –is the latest interiors and deco craft that's a surefire way to rediscover your inner Zen. And there are few easier ways to skill up on your needlepoint know-how than the new kits from We Are Knitters.

You won't find any chintzy samplers here: instead the collection is filled with Japanese-inspired scenes, from mountainous landscapes accented with cherry blossom to bobbing paper lanterns.

What's even better is that each one has everything you need included, frommini skeins of pima cotton and canvas, to pattern and needle. There are four skill levels – beginner, easy, intermediate and advanced – so whether you're a beginner or more of an expert, you'll find a kit to suit.

What could be better than taking your time to create a soothing koi pattern or even a beautifully balanced geometric? They're also both perfect for turning into a colourful handmade cushion or decorative panel. Stitching has never been so soothing.

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