The 10 best high-tech heroes for the ultimate deep-cleaning spring clean

High-tech must-haves for a super clean home

With most of us stuck at home, it's no surprise that many of us have taken to giving our homes a spring clean; in fact, searches for spring cleaning tips are up by 4,000% on Pinterest.

And a clean home isn't the only positive outcome, it's proven to be good for our mental health too.

The feeling seems to be unanimous around the world, as a study by Kärcher found that over eight in ten people (86 percent) feel that cleaning has positive benefits to mental health and wellbeing, with many of the participants explaining that cleaning makes them feel less stressed, makes them look forward to the months ahead, and that cleaning ‘feels good for the soul’. The same was found by vacuum brand Capsule, whose research concluded that 'more than half said they actually felt happy when cleaning – 51% said they found it therapeutic.'

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'Decluttering is a great distraction and an easy way to keep your mind busy whilst at home. Now is the time to tackle the clutter head on, as it will enable you to destress, which has proven benefits on positive mental wellbeing', confirms psychologist Dr Matteo Ria from Pall Mall Medical.

So it could feel somewhat therapeutic to have a deep clean – from the kitchen pantry to the basement, loft, guest rooms and even outdoor spaces. A spring clean is also a good opportunity to sort through old things – this is the perfect opportunity to clean out your box room that you have been putting off for months. Interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott stresses the importance of being strict with your clear-out (love it, bin it or donate it), and to keep all flat surfaces completely clear, including desks.

We've found a few items to kick-start your deep clean.


A wardrobe that cleans your clothes? Well now we've really heard it all. Clear some space for the LG Styler, the world’s smartest wardrobe. It refreshes lightly worn clothes in 20 minutes; has a ‘sanitary cycle’ that removes up to 99.9% of allergy-causing irritants; and, best of all, warms up your coat on a cold winter’s day.


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Technology has come a long way; the latest in duvets, pillows and mattress protectors is self-cleaning materials. Dormeo is leading the way with their Silver antimicrobial treatment, using the power of silver to bring long-lasting antibacterial properties to the products it’s infused with. This unique antimicrobial treatment contains ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate only when the conditions for bacterial growth exist, creating a barrier for odours to allow for lasting cleanliness and freshness.

The Evercomfy Silver Bedding Bundle includes a 13.5 Tog duvet, 2 pillows and a mattress protector. From £49.99, Dormeo

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Constantly losing the TV remote, your phone, wallet or keys? A deep spring clean might help you find any lost items, so put a tracker on them when you do! Tile’s Bluetooth trackers will help you keep tabs on any items you uncover that you thought were lost forever.

Tile's Sticker is a small, waterproof tracker with a 3-year battery life and an adhesive back meaning you can stick it on pretty much any item you don’t want to misplace, be it a remote, expensive camera, your bicycle – or even the pet turtle.

Just ring it when you’ve misplaced something, if it’s close by, and if you fear you’ve left your belonging further away, check where your item was last seen on a map. You can also use Tile in reverse to call your phone – even when it’s on silent.

Tile Sticker £34.99 for 2, available at and major retailers that deliver; including Amazon and John Lewis.

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For the ultimate deep clean, invest in a steam cleaning mop. You'll be surprised at how compact and affordable they can be, and with different nozzles so you can even deep clean the hob, shower, car, cupboards, carpets and even clothes.

The Tower 16-in-1 Steam Mop comes with 16 accessories and comes in a rose gold colour, £39.99 from


If you're finding it hard to keep a clean home with children and pets, this one's for you. Behold the mother of all vacuum cleaners; the Bissell CrossWave™ is a 3-in-1 multi surface cleaner that vacuums, washes and dries multiple surfaces from hard floors to rugs and carpets – all with cordless freedom. Spilt bowls of milky cereal, scattered dog biscuits, drips of juice or messy foot prints – left by two-legged or four-legged family members – will disappear in one swoop. You're welcome.

Bissell CrossWave™, £329.99, available from major electrical retailers and

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Carpets, curtains, and upholstery can gather a lot of dust, grime and bacteria over time. Give them all a complete refresh by investing in a carpet cleaner. A deep clean of carpets is essential; shoes and pets can drag bacteria into the carpet where it can fester, and if you have small children playing on the floor, this type of contamination could easily transfer from surface to mouth.

The VAX Platinum Power MAX carpet cleaner is the highest scoring GHI accredited carpet washer, and promises a deep-down carpet clean; it's been proven to clean better than leading rental carpet cleaners, and it removes 93% of bacteria along with other fungi and allergens lurking in your carpets. It has a spin scrub attachment for stubborn stains, and a great upholstery cleaner attachment that can be used on curtains, stairs or even the car.

£249 from

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Research by the World Health Organisation in Europe has found that even before recent news we were spending around 90% of our time indoors, with a resting adult inhaling 7-8 litres of air every minute, so the quality of our domestic air is essential to our wellbeing – especially now. ‘It’s important to have the right cleaning systems to maintain a healthy home,’ says Paul Dawson, vice president of health and beauty at Dyson. ‘HEPA filters, in a vacuum or purifier, capture fine dust particles such as pollen, but they can’t remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as chemical fumes. Dyson purifiers, however, remove both ultrafine particles and harmful VOCs.’ Try the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, which can capture 99.95% of particle pollution up to 0.1 microns (a human hair measures 50 microns in diameter!).

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool, £399,



Even when staying home there are still multiple ways we're coming in to contact with surfaces which could be harbouring germs or viruses – for example when picking up post, deliveries or online groceries from the doorstep or letterbox. Keeping a sanitising spray near the door is perfect for spritzing clean any online deliveries. A small spray is handy to carry in your handbag too, for when you're out and about.

Goodbody Botanicals has launched a cannabigerol (CBG) and alcohol based hand cleanser, as research has shown that CBG is an effective antibacterial agent and is also believed to be effective in combatting common hospital superbugs.

Sanitising hand spray, £7.99,

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LARQ bottles are self-cleaning, using proprietary and patented UV-C LED technology (the most advanced in the world, apparently) to eradicate 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses, keeping your water pristine with no need to clean your bottle and no iffy odours. All this happens with the click of a button.

Larq bottle, £95 from


If, like many of us, you're finding that all this excessive washing and cleaning is leaving your hands and knuckles dry, consider swapping out your harsher products for ones that are kinder to your skin and the environment. Daylesford, Seventh Generation, Ashley & Co and Kinn are among the many brands offering natural cleaning products that are plant-based, vegan and toxin-free (free from sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances) but still tough on stains, making them safer to use in homes with pets and children (not to mention better for the environment).

Try the Benchpress Surface Cleanse from Ashley & Co; gentle on skin and leaves surfaces spotless and fresh. There are top up sachets available too, minimising plastic waste.

Benchpress Surface Cleanse, £16 for 500ml, Ashley & Co

KINN's eco-friendly bathroom cleaner, £4.25, is free from harsh chemicals, effective on limescale, vegan-friendly and scented with lavender. There's also a lavender and rosemary kitchen cleaner, £4.25, a lavender-scented floor wash, £5, and lavender & rosemary washing up liquid, £3.50, all available from

Bathroom cleaner, £4.25 for 500ml, available from and

Daylesford has an eco-range too, including a fresh-scented rosemary multi-surface cleanser (£3.75 for 500ml) which is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

multi-surface cleanser, £3.75 for 500ml, Daylesford

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