Creating a highly personal interior

Erica Davies, the woman behind popular blog The Edited, author behind the book Leopard Is A Neutral, stylist, influencer and fashion journalist, shares how she approaches her interior design. In the last of three guest posts, Erica Davies explains how important it is to create a home interior that's personal to you. ‘Edited by Erica Davies’ is available exclusively at

Make your home your own – so says The Edited author Erica Davies...

It sounds supremely obvious, but it’s your home and it should tell your family story. When we bought our very bland, magnolia, almost-new-build home four years ago, I knew that I’d be able to turn it into something that made us happy. It’s a cliché, but it truly was a blank canvas.

So, if you can see the light – literally, watch where the sun comes pouring in – when you can envisage where you want to sit with that first morning cup of tea, when you can imagine where you’ll put the dining table and what you’ll make when you first invite people over, that’s when you know you can create a home within the space.

I decided to really go for it when decorating. I had been conditioned for so long when decorating my home to go for neutrals, so as not to offend the people who may live in the house after us. What if you live in your home for twenty years? Are we expected to tone down all the personal aspects of our life for that time?


Put up the artwork you love. Make a blind out of that vibrant of-cut of fabric that makes your heart sing. Make a feature out of framing family certificates! These are the things that will make you happy every time you come home. They don’t have to be expensive – often people stick to neutrals because it won’t offend and won’t need replacing, but don’t just do it because you think you should.

I installed a Roger Oates grass green stair runner and took up the seen-better-days, biscuit coloured carpet in the hall, replacing it with bold encaustic concrete tiles from Bert & May. I decided to go inky blue all over in the living room (choosing Juniper Ash by Little Greene) AND in the kitchen (Bond Street by Mylands).

We turned a dated conservatory off the kitchen into a valuable sitting room space, where I added an eight-foot faux palm for fun!


Keeping the colours consistent (dark blue, grass green and splashes of citrus, either yellow or orange) has created a flow to the downstairs space. I looked for spaces where I can push the envelope a bit, but kept within the confines of the colour palette I have chosen for fluidity – so I’ve added my new woven striped pouffe and rug from my collection with QVC to my living room.

The black combined with a bold yellow in a re-invented stripe really adds a flash of vibrancy, but also pulls together all of the colours within the house. I even added a mural using these colours to the wall of my children’s TV room.


If you’re renting and don’t have the option of splashing the walls with colour or ripping up carpets don’t be afraid to go bold with your accessories – a statement rug or bright soft furnishings and wall decorations are a great way of adding some personality to a neutral room.

I genuinely feel a home should instantly say who you are – so don’t allow it to be someone else. Just be you.

‘Edited by Erica Davies’ is available exclusively at

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