Can't get enough of all things neon? Andrew Martin has taken the trend to the next level with his latest artwork collection, overlaying iconic photography and graffiti prints with modernlight up signage.

The newNeon Art Collection has an earthy street vibe, with deliberately distressed and graffitied images acting as an industrial style backdrop that makes the light-up signs pop.

What inspired this collection of neon artworks? “A room isn’t complete without art. The current trend for neon lighting highlights the rise of maximalism as a luxury lighting trend,” explains Andrew Martin's founder Martin Waller.

Iconic photographs of Kate Moss,Che Guevara and Muhammad Ali sit alongside Mickey Mouse, The Monopoly Man, a Star Wars' Stormtrooper and aBanksy-inspired graphic.

Looking for an uplifting artwork for your study or office?A neon artwork featuring Muhammad Ali, the king of boxing, with 'LOVE' tattooed across his knuckles as he throws a punch. 'I am the greatest' is emblazoned in turquoise light up writing.

One of the Kate Moss prints is overlaid with pink and red hues, scribbles of graffiti and the word 'love' in pink light-up letters.

A cover of a 1990s issue of The Face magazine features a youthful and rebellious Kate Moss when she was only 16.The word 'love' is spelled backwards in light-up capital letters, amongst the graffiti style overlay 'evolution' .

A blaze of neon orange light pops from a Banksy-inspired graphic, emphasising the'Bruce Wayne is Batman' graffiti message.

And, merging the emblematic image of Che Guevara with graffiti writing and pattern, thecursive words 'Viva la Revolucion' glow in light-up letters, with both the words and the star on Guevara's hat picked out in Communist red.One for a rebellious teen's bedroom perhaps?

Lotte Brouwer

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