Take the plunge with contemporary paint effects by rag-rolling a wall ina fluid mix of dreamy green shades.

Trawl the design ocean for fabulous fittings featuring a school of ethereal fish – a scallop-print curtain fabric adds to the deep-sea mood.

Sink into a sofa upholstered in cool cobalt blue. Team with layers of white for a touch of true Greek-island style.

Transform a traditional alcove into a site of devotional fervour by painting it in intoxicating ultramarine.

Tie into the luxe Mediterranean look with trailing wallpaper, rattan seating and an intriguing, wave-like objet.

An electric-blue finish givesthis Seventies-style hangingchair its hot new dimension.

Layer up green and blue cushionson lush velvet seating to recall the multiple hues of the open sea.

This elegant four-poster is made to be draped on sultry summer nights…

Temper the mood with turquoise fabrics toned down with white.

Make a splash with ink-soaked wallpaper in shades of Hellenic blue. A minimalist lamp takes classical Greek form to its ultimate extreme.

Photography ⁄ Adrian Briscoe