Garden Room Ideas; From Chic Sheds To Garden Offices & Garden Spas

Create the perfect space for a home spa, home gym, home office, art studio, homework room or your kids' play room with these cool garden room ideas...

We’ve combed through our gorgeous design house projects and pulled out some cool garden room ideas. If you’ve got a cluttered shed, a rotting wood barn, or just an unused corner of the garden that would suit a smart shed or garden house, now could be the perfect time to start a fun side project. A chic shed could be just what you need to set up the perfect home office for working from home – especially if you’re now sharing a home office with other members of your household. Or use the space to create your own ‘inspiration station’; a studio for creative projects, so you can keep paints, and arts & crafts mess outside of your main home. Also ideal for kids, so they can get stuck in, while keeping out of the way.

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Over the years at Livingetc we’ve seen lots of creative garden ‘room’ ideas, from chic sheds, tree houses and log cabin-style guest houses to pretty pool houses (hello Kips Bay show house) and garden spas with heated indoor swimming pools – just look at the stunning pool in Calvin Klein’s co-founder’s house for some serious wow factor, or have the spa extension bolted on to the side of the house so you can access it both from your home and from the garden, like in this gorgeous Highgate extension.

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We’ve also seen some strikingly stylish tiny garden houses, ranging from this tiny portable guest in Hawaii to the tiny ‘den’ above a pond in a garden in Hampshire, pictured below, as a space for quiet reflection and reading.

Got a barn or outhouse big enough for entertaining? This property in Sonoma wine country transformed their barn to a stunning games room and home bar. Take it one step further and create a cavernous man cave den.

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One property, this jaw-dropping ranch in Texas, even built an aeroplane hangar and private airport on their land for their flying ‘hobby’. We really have seen it all.

Create the perfect space for a home spa, home gym, home office, art studio, homework room or your kids’ play room with these cool garden room ideas…

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