What the best-dressed floors are wearing this season

Promotional feature with Brintons

For years, when it came to carpet, plain was the default option, offering a simple backdrop for the rest of your decor to sing. However, with the maximalist trend showing no signs of slowing down, and a continued desire to bring the outside in, patterned carpet is back as a design trend – and it's making a bigger statement than ever before.

Unexpectedly compelling, design rulebook-breaking and sinkably soft underfoot, the refreshed Timorous Beasties collection by Brintons is leading the way in patterned carpet's return to our homes.

Maximise the fifth wall

Combining natural motifs with an urban edge and a colour palette that's both attention-grabbing and versatile, each design allows your floor to become a key feature of any space. Its larger scale, often asymmetric, patterns challenge traditional conventions, weaving together gently meandering insects, plants, butterflies and leaves to create a mesmerising sprawl, or taking timeless fabric weaves and giving them a new spin.

The range is ideal for injecting personality into a scheme, with designs such as Ruskin Butterfly adding layers of delicate organic texture to create an individual interior, or inky, linear Jet Damask drawing the eye along a space to give the impression of depth in a compact room.

For those who favour subtle effects yet still crave pattern, Moiré in its new Silt or Dune shades introduces ripples of movement that brings a room to life.

Experience true luxury

Yet it's not just covetable design credentials that sets the Timorous Beasties collection by Brintons apart, it's also the superior quality. Each carpet combines 80% wool with 20% nylon for exceptional durability with low-maintenance longevity. An added bonus is that its high wool content makes it an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and antibacterial flooring choice. The collection's traditional axminster weaving method also creates superior definition for each pattern and a longer-lasting carpet.

All of which means these stunning designs will continue to bring their beauty to your home for years to come – the perfect mix of sustainability and style.