A White Rug Adds a Light and Bright Touch to Your Living Room — I'm Loving These 12 Right Now

Don't let the color scare you: You can have your white rug and keep it clean, too. Start your search here, with this shopping editor-curated selection.

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I get it — a white rug feels like a risky choice. It might be beautiful, but you might find it impractical, or even unnecessary, especially if you have kids or pets. But that's where you're wrong. With the right expertise, a white rug becomes not only possible but encouraged. Trust me, I'm a style editor.

Some of the best rugs are white rugs — plush, snowy pelts; crisp ivory runners; cozy cream-colored shag carpets. If you can find an option that's machine washable, you're set. And if not, the right material or pattern will do. And even if you can't track that down, you can display the rug in a room with minimal foot traffic. No stains, just vibes.

"White rugs can transform a space, offering a sense of purity and tranquility that enhances both aesthetic appeal and mental well-being," says Christiane Lemieux, founder of modern luxury brand Lemieux et Cie. "Materials like wool, nylon, polyester, sheepskin, and hair-on-hide or cowhide are popular choices for white rugs due to their ease of cleaning and durability. Wool, with its natural stain resistance, and nylon, known for its resilience and easy maintenance, are particularly suited for high-traffic areas. Polyester offers a budget-friendly option that resists fading and stains."

Overall, "the neuroaesthetic benefits of white include its ability to create a calming environment, reduce visual clutter, and promote a sense of spaciousness, making white rugs an excellent choice for fostering a serene and inviting atmosphere in any room," she continues.

With Christiane's insights in mind, I've rounded-up 12 gorgeous white rugs of different sizes and styles for you to peruse. Though I haven't tried these rugs myself, I shop for a living — my finger is on the pulse of the interior design landscape, and I know what brands to buy and recommend. In other words. I've researched and reviewed and read-up so you don't have to. If, like me, you love aesthetics as much as quality, this is the contemporary edit for you.

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How do I keep a white rug clean?

It's the question on everyone's lips — if I do go for a white rug, how in the world do I keep it clean? For the machine-washable options on this list, that answer is quite obvious. But what about otherwise?

"People tend to be terrified at the idea of having a white rug and trying to keep it clean," Olma Fuentes,
principal and founder
of Deni + Dove Interiors, tells me. "Put a white rug in your home and watch how many people call you 'brave' and 'daring.'"

"But the truth is that they’re not any more difficult to maintain than a colored rug," she continues. "The key to keeping a white rug looking clean and pristine will be in the material selection, since certain fibers are more durable and impervious to dirt than others. For example, wool and jute are excellent choices if you’re considering a white rug because they are both easier to clean and are better equipped at resisting stains compared to other synthetic materials.”

From a cleaning product standpoint, Olma uses "Folex Instant Carpet Remover to get rid of any stubborn stains on my white rugs, and found that it works just as well on removing stains from upholstered furniture.”

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