A design classic gets a retro update.

Things are warming up at Anglepoise. The iconic British lighting brand has introduced a smart new Sienna edition by Margaret Howell, into the best-selling Type 75TM lighting collection designed by Sir Kenneth Grange.

Type 75 Desk lamp, Margaret Howell Edition, in Sienna, From £165, Anglepoise.

The rich, clay colour chosen by Margaret adds to the Margaret Howell colour palette and is the perfect complement to the existing mid-century tones of Yellow Ochre and Saxon Blue, in the classic desk lamp collection.

Shop the mid-century look here.

Type 75 Desk lamps, Margaret Howell Editions, in Yellow Ochre, Saxon Blue and Sienna, From £165, Anglepoise.

Margaret Howell comments: “My choice of Sienna for our new Anglepoise lamp has been influenced by having recently worked on the Autumn Winter clothing collections. We chose fabrics in rich rusts and warm browns. Sienna, a deep burnt orange, is a strong colour and I think sits well against pale grey and neutral walls.”

Type 75 Floor lamp, Margaret Howell Edition, in Sienna, from £225, Anglepoise.

Floor standing Type 75TM lamps in all three colours will also be added, expanding the Anglepoise + Margaret Howell collection to six pieces. The classic lamps can be easily co-ordinated with each other and make a striking feature in any modern home.

Type 75 Floor lamp, Margaret Howell Edition, in Yellow Ochre, from £225, Anglepoise

Margaret Howell is a contemporary British designer, who designs clothes for men and women. She began working from home in 1970 and today has shops in London, Paris, Florence and Tokyo. For her, clothes are part of a considered lifestyle rather than a passing trend, valuing material, make and style.

Type 75 Desk lamp and Type 75 Floor lamp, Margaret Howell Edition, in Saxon Blue, from £225, Anglepoise

The new collection will be available from today, June 10th 2019, at and at Margaret Howell shops, where a carefully curated selection of modernist furniture and interior accessories sits alongside the men’s and women’s clothing collections. 

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