I'm a minimalist – these are the 12 inexpensive wall decor ideas I've got my eye on for my living room

Neutral, abstract and perfect for a minimalist home, this are the best buys you'll find for decorating your walls without breaking the bank

a modern living room with minimalist wall art
(Image credit: H&M Home)

When shopping for wall art, are you drawn to a riot of color and pattern? If you've clicked this article, chances are that, like me, you're not. My main criteria for shopping for wall art is something that will fit into my home's neutral color scheme and not detract too much from its minimalist aesthetic. 

Sometimes wall decor is there to introduce a little texture, or sometimes it's there to break up the boxiness of your architecture with an interesting shape. While some people might find minimalist wall decor a little boring, in comparison to the bright, vivid decor maximalists choose for their walls, but I'd argue the opposite. Stripping back colors and paring back materials means that it's often more tactile and intriguing, contributing to a calming feel to the overall scheme. 

To show you just what's out there if you want to decorate your walls minimally, here are my favorite finds from the best home decor stores

Best canvas art

Best 3D wall decor

Best textile art

Best paper wall decor

Hugh Metcalf
Editor of Livingetc.com

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