Bert & May launches eco-friendly paint collection

Bert & May's new eco-friendly paint collection consists of48 shades inspired by the Earth’s natural palette.

The paints have a rich and chalky finish, and the colours complement the brand’s full range of products – including the handmade tile collections, basins and kitchens.

Just like Bert & May's tiles and basins, the paint is made by hand using liquid pigment giving them a semi- transparent nature and matte finish.

Brought together by the palette seen across all of the collections, it is now possible to create a beautifully cohesive look.

The majority of the pigments are naturally derived and create the muted, chalky tone for which the brand is known (much softer than anything synthetic and mass-produced).

Available in Eco-emulsion, Limewash and Eggshell, each colour has 4 variations of shade, achieved through blending different strengths of the same pigment; the more pigment added, the deeper and richer the colour.

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The packaging was also a careful consideration for Bert & May’s paint collection. While plastic tubs are used, they are manufactured from recycled plastics, and empty pots are reused.

The Bert & May paint finishes explained:

Eco-emulsion: This is fully breathable and has a very low VOC count (25g per litre). Limewash: A traditional paint finish with a durable coating that allow walls to breathe. Cured for more than 1 year to create a thicker – but still translucent – texture requiring only two coats. (There are no toxins in the Bert & May limewash).

£55.25 for 2.5L Eco-emulsion or Limewash.

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