The January Issue

In the January issue of Livingetc, you’ll find…


Step inside an edgy, East London Victorian terrace where the owners have successfully mixed antique finds (from a Czech Republic railway station, no less), vintage lighting and a classic Chesterfield to create a surprisingly cool, modern family home. Flashes of pink graffiti art and plenty of green-on-green foliage keep the look fresh amidst the antique rugs and an Art Deco chandelier.


This is the season for excess and decadence and this month’s decorating story delivers both in spades. Channel the hedonistic glamour of Studio 54, with a mash-up of shimmering gold streamers, slouchy velvet sofas, gold bar stools and giant silver disco balls and you’ve got a serious Christmas party guaranteed.


Not only the reserve of the grandest of homes, dressing rooms and dressing areas are now a key design consideration when updating a bedroom space. Whether it is a clever use of cupboard space, a qirky shelving display for shoes or a dedicated showpiece of a dressing room, there are creative options for every home. Then you’ll just need a new wardrobe to do the design justice!


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