Quick, the viral Target bookshelf is back in stock! - the 'walk-in closet of dreams' for under $100

Discover how to make your dream custom wardrobe for under $100 with the viral Target bookshelf hack now that the hero piece is back in stock

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Building custom furniture is expensive, especially something like a walk-in closet. However, buying a pre-built wardrobe is never as good. There is never the right ratio of shelves to hanging space, or the right width or height. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I made something myself. Well with this hack, perhaps I could.

This trick uses a Target bookshelf to create a custom wardrobe for under $100 total. In fact, some people have even managed to create the walk-in closet of dreams, with Carrie Bradshaw levels of style. Videos of clever hackers making them have blown up so much that the bookcase has been constantly out of stock, but it is back. This means you have no excuse not to sort out your overflowing, badly organized clothes situation. (Our guide to how to start decluttering might also help)

Check out this simple trick to turn a bookshelf into the custom closet of your dreams.

What is the hack?


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This hack is a super simple way to create your own custom closet solution. It is easily customizable to suit your personal requirements and an easy way to make something that fits your space. If you have more long dresses, you can include more hanging space than shelves, for example.

The shelves themselves are very easy to set up, just like your average flatpack furniture. Once you've done that it's time to transform them into a closet. Using a drill and tension rods you can create as much hanging space as you like.  These tension rods from Target are extendable and easily locked into place.Or add in the shelves for shoe storage. These bookshelves are relatively inexpensive, and fit together nicely, meaning you can replicate this process multiple times for a bigger closet. Now it is time to put all your clothes into your newly built, custom, closet, and all for under $100.

I would advise pre-planning what you are going to do with the space. Take an audit of your closet and decide how much shelf space you need compared with hanging space. you might wish to have a shorter hanging space for tops and trousers and shelved below or the opposite, the opportunities for personalization are endless.

You will need

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