Now's the Best Time to Buy the Viral Ninja CREAMi — This Healthy "Ice Cream" Maker is On Sale

This clever countertop appliance has been trending online for a while — and it's now got a big discount that might just be the push you need to buy it

Ninja CREAMi
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Have you heard of the Ninja CREAMi? While this countertop appliance launched in 2021, it's been all of TikTok of late as more and more people buy into this clever way to make "healthier" frozen treats.

If you've escaped the CREAMi hype so far, I recommend you go investigate. The gadget has triggered a wave of protein shakes, smoothies, and even lattes turned into frozen treats that taste delicious without derailing your fitness goals, and it can get a little bit addictive watching video after video of creative content creators coming up with ideas for what to put in it, and flavor combinations to try.

While the CREAMi isn't bank-breaking, it's still $200 — not necessarily an impulse purchase. But if, like me, you've been hovering over the add to basket button for a little while, this might be just what you need to push you over the line — a $50 discount.

Yes, the Ninja CREAMi is on sale for $149, at Walmart right now — it's the best price we've seen on it, and since we first shared this deal, which is still live now, hundreds of our readers have bought one.

Ninja CREAMi

Ninja CREAMi

(Image credit: Walmart)

So, how does the Ninja CREAMi work? You simply fill its pint with your chosen ingredients. I've seen recipes using almond or coconut milk with protein powder, or yogurt and fruit. But this is where you can get creative — if you enjoy unconventional food combinations like peanut butter and potato chips, this is your chance to create the frozen concoction of your dreams that you likely won't find in stores.

Once the pint is filled, pop it in the freezer for 24 hours. Then, place the frozen block in the CREAMi and watch it work its magic, transforming it into a soft, creamy frozen texture in minutes. While I mentioned the ice cream functionality earlier, this wonder machine can also whip up sorbets, milkshakes, and more. Now priced on sale at $149, my math tells me it’s equivalent to about 25-30 pints of Halo Top ice cream. Pays for itself in no time, especially if you're a fan of lighter treats.

There are two versions of the CREAMi currently on sale. This deal is on the cheaper model, the 7-in-1, which has settings for ice cream, sorbet, lite ice cream, gelato, milkshake, smoothie bowl, and mix-in. The Deluxe model is the 11-in-1, which adds in slushy, Italian ice, frozen drink, Creamiccino, and frozen yogurt settings into the mix.


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And for someone like me who cares about style, the CREAMi does look good. It's not as aesthetic as, say, one of our favorite coffee makers, but it's also not as big either at 7" wide. It means it's easier to store away when you're not using, whether in a pantry, cabinet or behind a breakfast cabinet door.

If you care about kitchen counter appeal, there are versions of the Deluxe CREAMi that comes in colors like Mint, Aqua and Platinum Silver, and you can find these CREAMi versions at a good price at QVC.

All of this is to say that the Ninja CREAMi is already in my cart, and once I finish this piece, I'll be checking out. I know I'm not the only one eyeing this magical device, so if you're interested, grab it now. Who knows when it might sell out again!

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