This viral buy makes clearing up fallen fruit from your backyard trees so much quicker - and it's less than $40

Fallen fruit from trees can require a big clean-up task - but this clever idea that's going viral will make it so easy

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You know what they say, work smarter, not harder. That is exactly the phrase for this viral Amazon buy that turns a laborious gardening task into a fun and quick activity. The best yards are self-sustaining, check out this trick to make your fruit trees uncharacteristically low maintenance.

If you are lucky enough to have an orchard, or you're just looking for the best fruit trees for small yards, you might not feel lucky when it comes to picking up all the fallen fruit. Fruit trees are notoriously high maintenance, and this extends to once the fruit is fully formed. The average apple tree produces over 200 apples a year, a mature tree can produce up to 800. If this fact makes you dread apple season, I have a treat for you.

This nifty gadget from Amazon will make your life so much easier! It might look like a finning bingo game, but it is actually a fruit and nut collector. It turns your dreaded task of gathering apples and other fallen food into the most low-maintenance activity in no time. Say goodbye to wasting hours upon hours bending down sweeping up your loot, it is time to upgrade this gardening task.

What is this clever gadget?

Collecting fallen fruits and nuts can be a huge chore. Instead of giving yourself a back ache simply stand normally and roll the contraption over what you want to pick up.

The wire cylinder glides over anything under it, picking up large items such as apples and walnuts by widening steel wires that scoop up lying fruit. This technology comes from a simpler piece of tech used in golf to collect balls. 

After rolling for a short period you will have collected all your goodies. It is then that you can empty the basket and claim the fruits of your labor. Having fruit trees isn't always great if you want a low-maintenance garden, but this makes things a lot easier. 


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What can I use it for?

The simple answer is anything. Apples are the obvious choice due to their size and sheer quantity, but there are other things that work too. The gatherer picks up all objects from  ¾” To 1 1/2” in size, giving the potential to collect a range of items. It will also work on chestnuts, walnuts, and pecans.

If you are so inclined, It can also be used for gold balls and Nerf gun pellets.

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