Inside Airbnb's top five most popular homes of the year

The staycation has not lost its appeal - Airbnb's most sought after properties are all in the UK

Most popular Airbnb’s in the UK, view from the Pond and Stars cabin in Wales
(Image credit: Airbnb)

Airbnb has revealed their most popular homes of the year, and the results may surprise you. 

All 21 of their wish-listed properties by Brits are situated in the UK - breaking conventions from previous years when winners included a cave in Santorini and a treehouse in Bali. However, after the most disruptive year in the travel industry's history, Airbnb has emphasized the evident desire to embrace escapism in the UK. 

The Pigsty, a luxury woodland hideaway near Winchester, has taken the crown as the most admired property of the year, followed closely by The Willow cabin in Pembrokeshire and the Twmbarlwm Luxury Retreat in Wales. 

The 21 properties are oozing with rural charisma and exquisite home decor, that offers travelers an organic escape, away from the everyday hustle. You can explore the top five homes below. 

Exterior of The Pigsty, the most popular Airbnb in the UK

(Image credit: Airbnb / The Pigsty)

1. The Pigsty, Winchester 

Hidden amongst Winchester's woodland, you will discover the most popular property in the UK, The Pigsty.

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Bath tub in bathroom of The Pigsty, the most popular Airbnb

(Image credit: Airbnb / The Pigsty)

The property is a wooden shrine to rustic luxury - complete with a free-standing tub and an open-plan living space. The cabin is overflowing with an abundance of art, blankets, and champagne, naturally.

Living space in The Pigsty, the most popular home on Airbnb

(Image credit: Airbnb / The Pigsty)

Guests at The Pigsty can also enjoy a morning coffee with fresh beans that have been roasted on the farm, just in case you didn't love this place enough already. 

2. The Willow, Pembroke  

The Willow, one of Airbnb's most popular properties

(Image credit: Airbnb / The Willow)

The next farm stay, and the second most in-demand property of the year, The Willow, epitomizes rich countryside charm - offering a stylish retreat amid a verdant kingdom. 

The minimalist interiors showcase every inch of this tiny haven; however, the pièce de résistance of The Willow is found on the large decked area, which boasts a hot tub and large garden.  

Living room in The Willow, one of Airbnb's most popular properties

(Image credit: Airbnb / The Willow)

The Willow is only three miles from the beaches of Broad Haven and Barafundle Bay, so it is unsurprising why the property is in such high demand.  

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3. Twmbarlwm Luxury Retreat, Gwent  

Living room in Twmbarlwm Luxury Retreat, one of Airbnb's most popular properties

(Image credit: Airbnb / Twmbarlwm Luxury Retreat)

Designed to slot discreetly into the Risca hills, this architectural jewel offers a serene space away from the rest of the world.  

What do we love most about this property? We adore how this cabin's chic decor is a stark contrast to the surrounding rural landscape, which allows you to fall back in time whilst indulging in a modern open-plan paradise.

Interior of Twmbarlwm Luxury Retreat

(Image credit: Airbnb / Twmbarlwm Luxury Retreat)

The home exterior is no less impressive, as guests can unwind on the balcony or enjoy the crisp Welsh mountain air from the warmth of the hot tub.

4. The Pond and Stars Cabin, Abergele 

View of decking from the The Pond and Stars Cabin, one of Airbnb's most popular homes

(Image credit: Airbnb / The Pond and Stars Cabin)

The aptly named Pond and Stars Cabin showcases both the pond and the stars once dusk falls over Abergele. While many guests may have fallen for the '70s inspired decor in this cacti-filled trove, the home's most attractive asset is the porch swing, where you can admire Abergele's natural assets.

Bedroom in The Pond and Stars Cabin, one of the most popular Airbnb’s in the UK

(Image credit: Airbnb / The Pond and Stars Cabin)

The property is only a short drive from Snowdonia, so if you're looking for the most stylish base camp in the country, you've found it in The Pond and Stars Cabin.

5.Traditional Log Cabin, Kent 

Exterior of the traditional Log Cabin on Airbnb

(Image credit: Airbnb / Traditional Log Cabin)

Just because something is traditional, it doesn't mean you need to compromise style, and this is certainly the case in the Traditional Log Cabin in Lamberhurst village, Kent. 

The home is situated amid a working farm on the fringe of a lake, meaning this cozy sanctuary is entirely secluded from anyone and everyone, wildlife aside. 

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Bedroom in Traditional Log Cabin

(Image credit: Airbnb / Traditional Log Cabin)

The lake is best enjoyed for a private decking area; however, these wooden tones continue through the living space, bedroom, and bathroom, which are paved with rustic wood panels that mirror the exterior's charm. 

If we weren't already counting down the hours until the end of restrictions, we certainly are now. Whoever gets to any of these places first, save us some coffee, please

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