Mural walls are going to be everywhere this season – 3 ways to style the trend in your home

This ancient statement has never looked so stylish – this is how to make them the focal point of your interiors

Mural trend styled in a modern home with grey and yellow interiors
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Murals of sorts have created statements since ancient times, but their power endures – and now – these bold and brilliant walls are having a moment once again. With their fearless overflow of colors, patterns, and prints, it is unsurprising that these wall coverings have the ability to steal the attention in all spaces – but with their great power comes greater responsibility. 

Yes, the size of this age-old feature means they are tricky to get right, especially when injecting them into a modern home. So, we caught up with the experts who share how to shake up this decorative technique and make it work in our contemporary interiors. 

Gold mural in a bathroom with a large freestanding tub

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Why should we bring a mural into our modern home?

'The world of design has advanced over the last few years.' So, we are searching to surround ourselves with more spectacular things in our homes,' explains Founder of Ophelia Blake Interior Design, Scarlett Blakey. 

Alongside this, murals allow us to showcase our individuality, as they stand as 'one-off pieces' that are oozing with exclusivity – which is perfect if you want a space to have a 'high impact' and feel entirely memorable.

'The bespoke nature of a mural' is a favorite among designers who have the ability to 'make a space feature relevant, whether it's lifestyle or customer-focused,' Scarlett adds. 

How to style a mural – the contemporary way

Mural in a modern home with gray and yellow interiors

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1. Pay homage to the escapism trend

According to wallpaper extraordinaire and founder of Andrew Martin, Martin Waller, we should choose a mural that celebrates the current escapism interior trend. Martin has recently seen a 30% increase in wallpaper sales as consumers look to combine elegance and escapism and reminisce about far-flung destinations and overseas shores throughout their homes. 

Andrew Martin X Kit Kemp mural wallpaper

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Martin suggests mirroring elements of individuality by choosing a feature that will 'surprise and harmonize a space.'

'You can do this by not matching all of the interior elements – this will add diversity and pace to the room. Don't be scared to select pieces that are a true representation of you and your personality; these are the pieces that say something about you and your house,' he adds.

2. Choose a mural with a purpose  

Colorful mural with nautical theme

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While ensuring your mural fits an aesthetic purpose, it is equally important that you choose a mural with a meaning – as this will ensure the space looks and feels more curated. 

Scarlett recommends commissioning a 'bespoke mural, which can be unique and individual for you and your chosen space' and urges us to think about the type of effect we want to create. It's also important to attract. 'It's all about making it relevant,' she adds.  

3. Experiment with fearless twists on traditional design 

Pop-art style mural in a contemporary kitchen

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Sure, murals have an ancient heritage, but their design certainly doesn't need to reflect this past. While we're not against conventional patterns, we're wholly inspired by designer Beata Heuman's mural in her child's nursery, which combines innocent fairytale elements with more daring features (look closely) for a lighthearted spin on quintessential design. 

Take this as a cue to embrace the ever-popular mural trend – the writing is, evidently, on the wall. 

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