Taylor Lautner's Calming Living Room Gets Warm Minimalism Right — Here's How

The Twilight star has opted for a pared-back style and a neutral palette in his California home

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Taylor Lautner may not be your first port of call when searching for interior design inspiration, but he might be once you catch a glimpse of his oh-so-calming living room. The Twilight star shares his California home with his wife Taylor (yes, the couple share the same name) and they've given the place a warm minimalist makeover that feels light, bright, and far from 'beige' despite the all-neutral palette.

After purchasing the Hacienda-style mansion back in 2022, the newlyweds have put their personal touch on the decor, and it seems they know exactly how to master the interior design trend for warm minimalism. If you still think pared-back styles and beige palettes are drab, luckluster, and lack charm, then think again. This living room uses organic materials, lots of texture, and subtle, barely there accents to bring the space to life and prove that thesis wrong on all accounts. Here's how.

The two Taylors clearly take great pride in their home, with wife Tay partnering with Anthroliving late last year to promote some of their furniture collections. After introducing some statement pieces from the brand's homeware range, the resulting space features beautiful sandy tones and layers of warm neutrals, culminating in one of the most inviting living rooms we've seen this year so far.

Besides wanting to sink into the sumptuous sectional, the interplay between different features within the room caught our eye for the way they help tie the warm minimalist theme together. The organic materials, the gold accent of the sunburst mirror frame, and the French doors flooded with light encourage an appreciation for all things natural, establishing a feeling of comfort and calm. In this, it succeeds where so many others fail when opting for minimalism in their own homes - inviting, welcoming, and warm rather than stark or insipid.

Nina Lichtenstein, founder and principal home designer of Custom Home Design, agrees that the Taylors' pad looks 'cohesive and homey' despite a mostly monochromatic color scheme. 'If one were to look for a gorgeous go-to example of the perfect minimalist aesthetic, it would be Taylor Launter's and Tay Lautner's warm minimalist living room,' she says. 'With a keen eye for simplistically striking design details, their living room both captivates and inspires.'

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Where neutral color schemes are in question, it can be difficult to achieve the same level of depth, dimension, or tonality that you'd get with a colorful space, but Nina says Taylor and Taylor add plenty where other minimalist living rooms are lacking. 'Their all-beige aesthetic manages to create depth, dimension, and visual interest by allowing the wood accents, furniture, and accessories to take the spotlight,' she says. 'Our eyes are immediately drawn to the diversity of shapes around the room, which are both playful and elegant.'

According to Nina, this is largely due to the combination of soft curves, clean lines, and fluted detailing found throughout the room. 'Indeed, their living room is a study in the masterful combination of shapes utilizing smooth curves and fluid lines,' she notes. 'Just one glance at their coffee table, floor lamp, and mirror tells you all you need to know about creating visual interest through cleverly mixing and matching shapes.'

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'I love how they blend multiple beige tones with different shapes, dimension, scale and texture to achieve a beautifully curated and sophisticated space,' adds interior designer Elana Mendelson. 'Achieving this looks takes meticulous attention to color, saturation and tone to ensure that all of the neutrals coordinate and work harmoniously together.'

Natural materials like wood and plaster frequently feature in organic-inspired minimalist spaces, but Taylor (and Taylor) punctuate the space with other materials and textures, too. These also help vary the mostly monochromatic scheme. Details like the wrought iron gate, the black fireplace, and the textured, stone-effect rug offer a variation from softer textures and paler tones, breaking up the space.

'Other important things to note are the way they create an open and airy space through indoor-outdoor connections and a high ceiling that allows views to the floor above,' notes Nina. 'Specifically, their use of floor-to-ceiling windows floods the living room with natural light thanks to either no curtains or sheer curtains. We get a glimpse through them of an outdoor oasis that tempts us to step outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air underneath a striped white and brown awning.'

If you're looking to master the warm minimalist trend, then look to the Lautners for inspiration. 'To decorate in their style, it’s imperative to combine the neutral color scheme with thoughtful accents, interesting shapes and textures, and open and airy rooms,' Nina summarises. 'Their living room manages to feel both calm and collected, a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now, who doesn’t want that!?'

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