Striped walls are the secret to zoning a space – experts reveal how to get involved

Ready to inject this bold pattern across your walls? Your interiors will thank you for getting involved

Experts reveal how to zone a space with striped walls
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The best-painted wall ideas are those that not only make a statement but also change our illusion of space – and our current craze does exactly that. The desire for diverse zoned spaces has unsurprisingly increased over the previous year – with many rooms taking on multifunctional roles including an office by day – and a home bar by night – and zoning is the key to differentiating between these different functions. 

While we've already lusted over room dividers and their ability to zone a space, paint experts have revealed a new way to set sections of your room aside with one simple paint technique: Stripes. 

This audacious pattern isn't for the faint of heart, but its daring hues will create an illusion of a separate space and create a focal point that you never knew you needed until now. Here, color experts reveal the secret behind a stripe's success.

Experts reveal how to zone a space with striped walls

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1. Pair your paint with furniture  

'One helpful way of arranging your living space is to anchor a piece of furniture. Painting the room behind your room's focal point, be it a sofa or a desk, is a great way of creating separate zones within a space,' shares Colour Consultant at Crown Design Studio, Kathryn Lloyd. 

Kathryn suggests painting a 'wide stripe that extends to either side of furniture or stretches from floor to ceiling' to tie the paint and furniture together and create a space that is indisputably separate from the wider room. 

Experts reveal how to zone a space with striped walls

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2. Combine classical and contemporary  

While stripy interiors may transport you back to the 80s, Martin Waller, the Founder of global design brand Andrew Martin, suggests this pattern has a place in our modern homes – when combined with the right patterns. 

'Don't be afraid to combine different patterns. Mix classic designs such as stripes or florals with exotic styles such as ikats and kilims. Avoid making the space look too busy by choosing patterns in colors that complement each other,' Martin explains. 

3. Make your zone minimal  

Experts reveal how to zone a space with striped walls

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We've admitted that stripy walls are a bold move, but there is a way to zone a space without it overpowering your room. Follow Andrew's advice, and choose lighter tones, such as the color of the year – gray – to 'create the illusion of space' and create a soothing twist on a bold classic. 

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We've just found the multifunctional painting trick that will allow us to zone our room whilst dressing our walls in style. This is the roaring 20s, after all. 

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