This Viral "Solar Panel Fountain" Turns Any Planter Into a Water Feature — And Costs Less Than $20

Whether you have a pond, a pool, or just a birdbath, this buy creates a pretty fountain from any body of water

A garden with a round water fountain
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Picture spending your summer outdoors in the fresh ambiance of your garden with its vibrant blooms, lush foliage, and a lovely fountain as a focal point. At first thoughts, it might sound expensive, but we found a trendy viral buy that'll give you a dreamy water feature at a fraction of the price point.

Besides having this feature on display at garden parties and alfresco evening meals, we find that it's the perfect outdoor finishing touch for any garden. There's something about a water feature that just immediately turns your yard into a tranquil outdoor oasis.

We even found landscaping experts at a consensus on this seasonal garden buy and its eco-friendly build makes it a sustainable feature that saves energy and adds personality. You're just one step away from a DIY garden water fountain that'll elevate your home in no time.

Solar Panel Fountain Pump for an Eco-friendly Water Feature

We recently came across this genius garden buy in an Instagram video, courtesy of digital creator Heidi Brinkmann (@bybrinkmann). In a gorgeous video set against Heidi's lush backyard, she adds a couple of Salvinia sprigs into a large planter bowl with water and tops it off with a solar-powered water fountain pump. The water fountain pump requires no electricity or batteries and runs purely off of sunlight. It creates a gorgeous water fountain feature while floating around and some renditions of the product come with multiple interchangeable water nozzles for varied water styles. It's truly the perfect finishing touch to a chic outdoor living space.

Custom home designer Nina Lichtenstein tells us that solar-powered water fountains are a fantastic addition to any garden, pond, or pool area. 'These fountains harness the sun's energy, creating a dynamic, ever-changing display that brings a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to outdoor spaces,' she notes. 'Additionally, the floating, free-standing design makes them versatile and easy to place anywhere, blending perfectly into various settings due to their neutral color.'

As a trendy and eco-friendly choice, Nina finds that these fountains not only enhance ambiance but also reflect a commitment to sustainable living. She also points out that the gentle water spray attracts birds, adding an element of lively, natural charm to your outdoor environment.

A green garden fountain

According to Marco Picano, co-owner of Picano Landscaping, these solar-powered fountains align perfectly with the growing trend towards sustainable landscaping. 'Clients increasingly request eco-friendly features, and these fountains meet that demand while offering practicality and beauty,' he says. 'From an installation perspective, they are straightforward, requiring only adequate sunlight to function, making them a hassle-free and cost-effective choice for enhancing outdoor ambiance.'

If you've been sleuthing for modern garden ideas to give your outdoor space a timely summer spruce but don't want to break the bank, this water fountain pump is perfect for you. Not only will it effortlessly take over as your yard's crowning feature but it'll do so without any environmental damage and added energy bills.

Alternative Buys for a Backyard Fountain Feature

What should you put the solar-panel fountain pump in?

We recommend doing as Heidi did and using a large planter but you can also use a birdbath, a pond, or even a pool to bring this feature to life. And if you're using a container to house your fountain, just ensure that it's made for the outdoors, and you're good to go.

How do you secure the pump to the center to avoid spillage?

Since the fountain pump is a freestanding feature, it'll likely float about and can sometimes cause spurts of water spillage over the edge. If you're looking to avoid this, simply use a fishing line and secure it to the side. Alternatively, you can also measure a fishing line from the center of the container to the top and tie one end to the pump and add a nut or a weight to the other end to keep it centered.

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