6 easy ways designer Shea McGee styles beds to make them so much more luxe, restful and comfortable

Netflix Dream Home Makeover series’ host and interior designer Shea McGee on how she styles beautiful beds for a luxurious, comfortable look

layered bedding in light colors
(Image credit: Studio McGee)

I am convinced you have either watched every single episode of Netflix’s hit interior design series, Dream Home Makeover, or you will at least be familiar with it. If not, please switch it on in the background as you read this, and I apologize in advance for getting you to binge on what is a very addictive show for all interior design lovers out there (of which I am assuming you are one). 

The homely, cozy, and light-filled aesthetic of super popular interior designer and series host Shea McGee is very much loved and is influencing a myriad of followers everywhere due to its effortless and relaxed but equally impeccable look. Luckily for us all who can only dream of having Shea transform our homes, the designer has just released her latest book, The Art of Home, talking through her approach to designing every single room of a house. And even luckier, she has shared with us an excerpt going through all the steps to style your bed just like she would do it, for a bedroom that will feel like an oasis of calm and comfort. Enjoy!

Shea McGee’s bed styling tips 

shea mcgee sat on a sofa in a light coastal chic living room
Shea McGee

The founder of Studio McGee, Shea has parlayed a career in interior design into an empire. She presents Netflix's show Dream Home Makeover, she has collborated with Target as well as created her own line of homeware, and she is known for perfecting a pared back, calming and slightly coastal/rustic look.

1. Create a base with sheeting 

close-up of bed with white bedsheets

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

'First things first: creating a base of comfort for your bedding is essential. Crisp, soft, or textured linen, sheets should be based on client preference rather than style - a classic sheet pairs well with anything layered on top.' 

2. Fold the duvet

white bedroom with light grey bed styled with cushions

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

'Duvet covers do not need to match the sheets; rather, they need to coordinate. Folding duvets once or twice provides the fluffy appearance that entices you to dive right into bed.'  

3. Fold in coverlets or quilts 

bed with leather headboard in light off white scheme

(Image credit: Studio McGee)

'Next, we add a coverlet or quilt to create a warm, comfortable setting. There are many ways to style a bed, but I usually place a quilt under the duvet or a coverlet on top. You can use one or both depending on the location of the home and how much additional warmth is needed. In homes with consistently warm temperatures, I will forgo this layer altogether. I also make these decisions based on what color or pattern I want most prominent in the design scheme.'  

4. Add pillows and shams 

close up of white and cream pillows

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

'I like to use two sleeping pillows and two shams that fit the length of the bed. I stack or prop them against the headboard depending on the look I’m chasing. Typically, I match the sleeping pillows to the sheets and the shams to the duvet, but there is no hard rule here, and it’s fun to mix it up.'

5. Bring dimension with decorative pillows 

earth palette decorative pillows styled on bed

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

'Now it’s time for the fun part! Whether it’s a stacked-pyramid look or a simple long lumbar, adding throw pillows brings more dimension by introducing texture, pattern, and color.'

6. Complete the look with a soft throw 

cream throw blanket with brown stripes on white bedding

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

'Lastly, adding a throw to the end of a bed adds an extra hint of texture and functionality for cooler nights or midday naps. The draped effect also lends a more lived-in aesthetic.'

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