Designers love the color of Sarah Paulson's bathroom - 'the most flattering shade'

Sarah Paulson is embracing the color that has everyone talking this year. Designers tell us why the actress' tiles create the perfect statement in bathrooms craving a splash of pink.

sarah paulson
(Image credit: Alamy)

Who would have thought that Sarah Paulson’s bathroom tiles would be the most revelatory feature of the stunning home shown to Architectural Digest earlier this year? For those of us still clutching on to the last traces of Barbie-core, the viral trend that dominated pop culture this summer, her tiles will be a hit and we don’t blame them.

Sarah Paulson, star of American Horror Story and Ratched, took to Instagram to share the photos shot for the monthly interior design magazine and it isn’t just Amanda Seyfried worshipping her modern bathroom tiles. The space’s walls and ceiling are covered in pink rustic look Zellige tiles which slightly vary in hue adding dimension to a monochrome space. The color of the tiles is built upon with polished nickel hardware throughout the space, matching lavender-colored rock crystal sconces and a neutral sink. 

pink bathroom with zellige tiles

(Image credit: instagram/@mssarahcatherinepaulson)

Jenny Kozena of Jenny Kozena Interiors in Los Angeles, praises Sarah for her choice of tiles, saying that they not only ‘give her bathroom a sense of artisanal craftsmanship’ but says the ‘color shades to their unique uneven textures create the complexity and richness that you won't find on a flat white wall.’

Though pink has been the color of the summer, Kozena points out the particular appeal of Sarah’s use of the shades in her bathroom. ‘The pink color gives more depth to the bathroom and makes it more emotional,’ the designer tells us. ‘The color is both romantic and relaxing, yet also vibrant and visually interesting at the same time. One of the benefits of the color is that it is going to create a softer, more glowy light to the bathroom, as opposed to a bright reflective white which can sometimes be harsh and unflattering.’

The tile extension is impressive, too

Textured bathroom walls with a mix of terracotta tile and zellige tiling

(Image credit: Kensington Leverne. Design: Atelier Ochre. And, Maison August)

Carrying the tiles up the ceiling creates a visual statement, the impact of which should certainly not be underestimated. ‘By extending the tiles to the shower wall and ceiling, there's a seamless flow that encapsulates the room. This transforms the space into a cozy cocoon of color and texture, providing an immersive bathing experience,’ says Artem Kropovinsky, Founder of Arsight.

It is also a clever trick for enlarging the look of a small space. Linette Dai of the eponymous interiors brand in Los Angeles tells us ‘in a smaller bathroom, having all of the surfaces tiled continuously and avoiding breaking up the plans results in an incredible ambience, not unlike walking into a jewel-box. Leaning into the drama and glamour of it all can also make the space feel much larger than it is.’ 

Kropovinsky surmises where Sarah may have got her inspiration for such a statement bathroom: ‘Given the blend of rustic textures and opulent colors, it's possible Sarah drew inspiration from vintage or Mediterranean styles, where earthy elements meet a touch of grandeur.’

Zellige tiles evoke a certain breeziness

A bathroom with white zellige tiles and gold plumbing fixtures

(Image credit: Bert & May / Sarah Southwell)

Meanwhile, Dai speculates that the actress sought inspiration from her surroundings, a tip we can all take from this space. ‘As this house is in Malibu by the ocean, the timeless Zellige tiles evoke the iridescent qualities of the water, shells, pearls,’ Dai says. ‘The blush pink is also a beautiful complement to the aubergine hues found in the rest of the house.’

If looking to emulate the rustic elegance of Sarah’s bathroom, think about how you can accessorize the tiles for maximum impact. Kozena says ‘the oblong mirror subtly adds a new shape into the bathroom creating a balance between the straight edges in the room and a touch of modernity to the space,’ - a tip to note.

A piece of advice offered by Sarah herself regarding the design of her bathroom should also be taken on board and that is to surround yourself with your favourite color. Dai concurs saying: ‘For those who don’t shy away from making a statement, being surrounded by one of your favorite colors can instantly lift your mood and enhance your positive emotions.’ 

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