Samsung reveals the next big tech trend to take over our homes in 2022

Samsung's Head of Customer Experience explains how the technology in our homes is changing in 2022

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 A technology expert reveals the technology trend that is on the rise for 2022, and it’s all about a fully automated and connected home. 

We’ve all seen those futuristic films where the house is alive with technology working together seamlessly to make your life as easy as possible. According to Samsung's Head of Customer Experience, 2022 could see a fully automated home become a reality thanks to the trend for a fully connected home and customization.

‘Consumers are demanding a new home experience that is seamless, personalized and yet flexible to encompass their always evolving lifestyles and activities at home,’ Hyesoon Yang, VP, Head of Customer Experience Team, Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics told Livingetc.

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‘Technologies beyond the hardware that can answer such experience will take off – Connectivity, Customization, and Flexibility.’

A home fully-connected via smart tech has slowly crept into most of our homes via the success of the Amazon Alexa speakers and Google Nests. However, while heating, automated lighting, and smart security systems have all become established parts of the technology eco-system, Hyesoon predicts that the inclusion of larger items such as washing machines and refrigerators will become more commonplace.

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Samsung has already made strides in this area with the SmartThings app that is compatible with 1000s of different devices. It even works with a range of voice assistants so you can control all your smart devices in one place whether you’re team Google or team Alexa.

‘Through our SmartThings, all Bespoke Home appliances are connected not only with each other but also connected with a wide and ever-growing list of services to work together,’ explains Hyesoon.

‘As an example in the kitchen, Samsung’s cooking and kitchen appliances are connected to provide the full kitchen services from meal planning, recipes recommendation, grocery shopping, cooking to cleaning.’

Blue kitchen with samsung fridge

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‘The same is for laundry care products and its accompanied services. Washer, dryer, and AirDresser are equipped with AI Control that can remember your habits, and display commonly used settings and communicate within to ensure a convenient, automated, hassle-free laundry experience.’

The last year has seen items we never thought would need smart capabilities go mainstream. Smart ovens are set to be the most coveted kitchen feature in 2022, and smart mirrors with built in displays are making waves in the bathroom.

Could 2022 see the fully automated and connected home dream come true?

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