This $7 Amazon buy is the easiest way to plug in your outdoor Christmas lights without the need for extension cords

If you're fed up with relying on extension cables for your Christmas lights, this budget lighting hack has you covered

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Whether you're a true festive fan or more of a scornful Scrooge, there's no denying that a front yard decorated with Christmas lights increases your home's curb appeal. The reality, though, is easier said than done. Not all of us have outdoor electrical outlets, and even those of us that do often end up relying on reams of extension cables just to string some lights around the porch. If this struggle sounds familiar, then we might have the answer – and it costs less than $10. 

Apart from those aforementioned Scrooges, we all want a picture-postcard house this time of year; we're talking wreath on the door, garland across the porch, and Christmas lighting nestled in your shrubs and hung along the gables. However, achieving that dream usually relies on having a convenient outlet source somewhere in your yard. What you might not realize is, you probably do have one already – it's just being used for a different purpose – and this nifty little Amazon buy is all you need to reassign its function. Here, we explain how.

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Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. She's committed to sharing articles that help readers embrace emerging trends and keep up-to-date with changing styles to keep in tune with the seasons. With the festive season nearly upon us, here she details a clever hack for your outdoor Christmas lighting...

Where else can you plug your outdoor Christmas lights in?

If you're wondering where this secret electrical outlet is, the answer is right on your doorstep – quite literally. If you have a front porch light (which most of us in a house, rather than an apartment, do), you might be surprised to learn that the outlet that powers your bulb can also be used for your Christmas lights. All you need is a small adapter. 

This clever Christmas hack was shared by Paige Brown on TikTok, and viewers rushed to the comments to praise the idea. Essentially, all you need is a small adapter that fits into your porch light fixture. The device costs just $6.99 on Amazon and it allows you to plug in your Christmas lights without the need for annoying extension cables that get in the way of door seals or cause trip hazards. 

A front porch decorated with Christmas lights

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The best part is, you can still use your porch light while using the outlet since the adapter comes with a variation that still has a bulb socket. In this case, the two power outlets come off from either side of the adapter. 

If you find that your front porch light fixture or cage is too small to fit the larger variety, you can also buy an adapter that only has two power outlets and no bulb socket, like this one from Amazon. Although this would mean sacrificing your porch light, your outdoor Christmas lighting is probably bright enough as it is. 

Onite Lightbulb Socket to Outlet Adapter, Amazon
Editor's pick

Onite Lightbulb Socket to Outlet Adapter, Amazon

If you want a front yard fit for Christmas, this adapter is by far the easiest way to hang your festive lights. It screws into an E26 socket and safely splits it into two polarized outlets and one bulb socket. We love that this option from Amazon comes in a two-pack so you can use one on your back porch or keep it as a spare.

So there you have it - a cheap and cheerful Christmas lighting hack that makes decorating your house easier than ever. If you haven't yet festooned your front yard in stings of warm lights, what are you waiting for?


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