Everyone’s talking about red – the latest primary color to enjoy an interiors renaissance

Red’s coming in hot: Experts reveal how to bring these courageous tones into our homes

Red interiors micro trend
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Investing in a large piece of furniture? Or a daring new paint shade? Follow those in the know, and go for a red or reddish tone. Designers everywhere are on red alert – encouraging us to play with the color that symbolizes power, courage, passion, and strength – just what our modern home needs. 

Why else is this color having a moment, and how can we inject its bold character throughout our home decor? The experts at the top of the industry show us how. 

Red bathroom walls, red micro trend

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‘A year in lockdown has undoubtedly transformed our homes, and the rise in red reveals a shift towards bright and restorative spaces,’ begins Laura Barnard, Buying and Merchandising Manager at Arlo&Jacob. The British-based manufacturers, like other luxury designers, have jumped on this hot color to launch a fiery new fabric, launching next week. Laura continues, suggesting the color is a response to our craving for ‘ a more joyous and optimistic design [in our] immediate surroundings.’

‘Homeowners are turning up the heat by investing in sun-soaked hues, including langoustine, coral, terracotta tomato, and chili,’ Laura adds. 

How to bring red into our homes

1. Consider nostalgic relaxed reds during the siesta season 

red micro trend

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While many love this color for its striking characteristics, Laura recommends investing in a softer shade that will give your space a soft continental glow throughout the hazy summer months. 

‘A rush of red will invigorate any space. However, the interiors industry, led by fabric and paint companies, have developed more relaxed tones tinted with nostalgia for a radiant siesta,’ Laura suggests.

2. Remember that small pockets of red are just as fiery 

Red sofa in a dark painted living room, Red interiors micro trend

(Image credit: Arlo&Jacob)

Martin Waller, the global designer at Andrew Martin, is no stranger to the crimson color spectrum, as his recent paint collection celebrates ‘rusty hues’ and ‘orange and red terracotta tones,’ that create a ‘deep warming color’ that is ‘perfect for bold spaces with a lived-in feel’. 

Furthermore, Martin encourages skeptics to inject elements of the trend in ‘unexpected’ places around your home, as this is a way to enjoy the trend without overwhelming your space. 

‘For those not brave enough to flood a whole room with a color as bright as red, then use it as an accent color in smaller areas or unexpected places such as inside cupboards for a similar element of surprise and delight,’ he shares. 

3. Turn up the heat in the kitchen

Red interiors micro trend in a kitchen

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While we’re already lusting over soft scarlet furnishings and flaming paints, the experts at Tap Warehouse suggest this rich palette is equally sought after in the kitchen. According to their recent study, red kitchens are among the top ten kitchen color trends this spring, as they saw a ‘15 percent increase’ on Pinterest. If you’re still reluctant to overpower your kitchen, they suggest trying ‘red kitchen appliances,’ which is an easy update that can transform your space. 

‘If you’re feeling a little bolder, you could experiment with painting your kitchen cupboards red for a more vivid finish,’ they add.

4. Embrace escapism with a rich red hue  

Red interiors micro trend by Andrew Martin

(Image credit: Andrew Martin)

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The only thing better than a trend is two trends celebrated as one. According to Martin, darker tones, such as burgundy, allow us to simultaneously incorporate the escapism craze into our interiors. 

‘The hustle and bustle of Moroccan’s souks are captured in rich, vibrant Burgundy tones. A beautiful mid-toned blue pays homage to the Nile, the longest river in the world,’ Martin suggests.

It’s a great choice for living rooms, pairing perfectly with warm stony neutrals,’ he adds. 

Now red has received the green light from designers, the only thing left to decide is which room we decorate first.

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