Real estate expert shares his creative curb appeal tactic for selling a house quickly

Selling a house quickly is often about tactics, and in this case, it is all about thinking outside the box

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We've all heard about the importance of freshly painted front doors, trimmed lawns, and clean windows for adding curb appeal to help sell your home quickly. However, with everyone trying the same tricks, what can you do to stand out from the crowd to sell your home quickly and maximize your home's value?

According to a highly experienced home improvement specialist, his key tactic is as simple as making sure the front of your home looks 'unique'. 

When it comes to curb appeal modern front garden ideas are key, however, Benjamin Stenson, owner of home remodeling company The Norsemen, explains that your home needs to stand out and be memorable.

'When a person is visiting tens of streets, how would your home become unique and different?' he says.

Expert curb appeal tactic to sell house quickly

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It is about addressing small areas that are often forgotten, from an unusual lawn shape to investing in the best outdoor rug instead of an old doormat. Here are the three simple ways you can implement this selling tactic into your own home's curb appeal.

1. Opt for a unique lawn shape

His first example of implementing this method is to think about the lawn. 'When a person has seen many clean lawns already, and he sees yours as a unique one, it catches their attention and your house becomes the spot of the moment,' he explains.

It may be that you go for a slightly more unusual shape than the traditional square lawn at the front, or you add some interesting topiary to the look.

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You can apply this principle to just about every aspect of improving your curb appeal. 'No matter what we do, if the focal point of your house seems ordinary, there is no use improving other exterior things', adds Benjamin. 

However, this creativity with your outdoor space does have some limits if you're looking to entice a ready buyer. Ray Ellen, of Pixel Properties Realty, explains that the home's landscaping should be in keeping with the surrounding areas.

'For example: if someone plants bamboo in the front yard and it takes over the yard and would have to be removed to match everyone else's yard. Or if someone goes with 100% rock yard and everyone else has beautiful green grass,' explains Ray.

Any ideas that are too out there and might need redoing by a new owner could cost you a good deal.

2. Upgrade to a handmade rug

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Have a basic foot mat outside your front door? There are better front door ideas out there. It is an area that is often forgotten, but Benjamin urges sellers to carefully consider upgrading their doormat to catch a buyer.

'Nobody pays heed to it but you should,' he says. 'You can install a handmade traditional rug exported from eastern countries. Traditional handmade rugs like Bokhara, hunting, and Fil Pa rugs are becoming trendy in the US and European countries. And the best thing is, it comes in every shape. Install it on your main door and improve the curb appeal of your house.'

3. Build buyer curiosity with window boxes

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This year the whole world seems to have caught the gardening bug. It has made a well-placed window box more effective than ever when chasing a quick sale.

'You don't need any experience but just a creative mind. When you install window boxes for your home exteriors, it gives an alluring look and arouses the curiosity of the people to have a check out of the indoors,' he explains.

This tactic might sound simple, but it is all about treading that line between memorable and memorable for the wrong reasons. When making any upgrades remember that buyers will see many homes similar to yours – what unusual, standout feature can you incorporate?

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