All the Pre-Christmas Home Decor Deals You Need to Know In 5 Minutes or Less

Black Friday might be long gone, but the holiday sales are still ongoing. If you still need to finish up your Christmas shopping, take advantage of these amazing markdowns now!

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(Image credit: Illustrated | Burke Decor, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters)

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the holiday sales are still on for anyone with the wherewithal to keep shopping. You and your credit card likely feel quite exhausted, but just hang in there — some of the best discounts and markdowns could be right around the corner, especially as retailers look to get rid of their holiday stock and make room for 2024.

As it is my job to quite literally shop 'til I drop, I've taken a peek at some of the best home decor stores to see what's going on in their sale sections and highlight a few of my favorite last-minute buys. If you're hoping to refresh your home in the coming weeks without paying full price for anything (let's face it, the only way to shop), this is the edit for you.

As always, we'll be updating our Anthropologie sale and Wayfair homeware sale round-ups regularly so you can take advantage of deals year-round. But for now, everything you need is right here. Time to sit back, relax, and scroll — you've got some shopping to do.

Best pre-Christmas Home Decor Deals at Anthropologie

Best pre-Christmas Home Decor Deals at Burke Decor

Best pre-Christmas Home Decor Deals at Nordstom

Best pre-Christmas Home Decor Deals at Urban Outfitters

Best pre-Christmas Home Decor Deals at Wayfair

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