Nate Berkus' used clever vase-to-lamp hack for his own nightstands – here's how you can, too

The designer is full of good ideas and this time he tells us how to make our own lamps, taking inspiration from his own antique ones

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The superstar interior designer, TV host, and author Nate Berkus somehow always manages to take us by surprise with a new hack or clever idea to either make life easier or bring more personality into a space. His suggestions that never break the bank are a joy to listen to and try out because they are so straightforward, even the less handy ones of us (by ‘us’ I mean me) would be encouraged to give it a go. 

This time, it's all about the bedroom lighting idea. The designer explains in a recent Instagram post that he’s been getting a lot of questions about the bedside lamps in his guest bedroom. He goes on to tell us step by step how we can make our own super similar lamps. For those less interested in DIY, and more interested in a shopping trip, he also reveals where he’s bought his from too. 

How to make your own unique bedside lamps, the Nate Berkus way 

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So let’s dive straight in because this will literally take you very little time. First of all, Nate Berkus tells us to take a vase that we love, or a pair of matching vases (if we want to make two matching lamps) and a lamp kit. Make sure the vases have a big opening of about a 5in radius. The next thing you do is either ask for help at a DIY store or for yourself drill a hole in the bottom or the back of your vase to pull the electrical cord through. 

From the comfort of your own home, if you want to make this as easy as possible, shop online for the lampshades of your choice. Assemble them over your vase, and voila! You’re a part-time lamp designer and your guest bedroom looks so much better. 

Nate encourages us to give it a try by explaining that this is an age-old technique that people have been using to make lamps from old Chinese vases, for instance, or other ceramics. 

Where are Nate’s original lamps from?

Now if you’d still rather keep the DIY for another occasion, we now know where Nate sources some of his beautiful antiques from, and where he’s bought these lamps. Although unless he takes his back, you’re unlikely to find the exact ones the designer has, but by the sounds of the place (and the look of their website) you’re bound to find your own treasures. And let's face it, decorating with antiques can be super fun because you'll create a look nobody else will have. 

Nate explains that he bought his lamps from a dealer in LA called Blend Interiors, which he thinks is one of the best antique shops ever. The lamps are 20th-century Dutch, signed and marked ‘Holland’ on the bottom. They are pottery and they are hand-painted on the inside of the surface designs. Because each pattern is slightly different, they are similar, and a pair, but not exactly the same, which makes them even quirkier and more beautiful. 

So now that you’ve got the facts, what’s it going to be? A trip to the DIY store or the antique dealer? 

Make your own lamp using these buys

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