LG's indoor garden lets you grow vegetables and flowers all year round

It might look like a mini-fridge but LG's tiiun promises to be the next big thing in gardening (without the garden)

LG Tiiun
(Image credit: LG)

The LG has launched a genius new indoor gardening appliance, the tiiun, that enables gardeners to grow vegetables and flowers inside their home, all year round.

Living in a city has numerous benefits, but being able to indulge your wildest urban garden ideas is rarely one of them. If you're itching to grow your own but don't have the luxury of outdoor space, or a nearby community garden, the LG tiiun has been designed as the perfect solution. 

The LG tiiun will be unveiled at CES 2022 this year, one of the most influential technology conventions in the world. The tiiun, which means 'to sprout' in Korean, has been designed as a self-contained mini garden for your home.

At first glance, we wouldn't blame you for thinking it was a stylish mini fridge filled with salad leaves.

LG Tiiun

(Image credit: LG)

However, it isn't just it's looks that set the tiiun apart from other hydropod growing systems. The system promises to make growing your own faster and easier.

'LG tiiun is a practical and convenient solution for busy consumers who want to enjoy a greener, healthier lifestyle at home,' says Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. 'A stylish addition to one’s home or apartment, our smart gardening system makes growing herbs, leafy greens and flowers fun and simple, even for those of us with zero gardening experience.'

The LG tiiun is made up of two shelves that can hold six all-in-one seed packages along with three different kinds of seed kits. Each of the seed packages contains ten holes for germination.


LG Tiiun

(Image credit: LG)

The system does feel a little like something out of The Martian as it allows users to grow a variety of produce in just four to eight weeks! The ideal conditions for this rapid growth are created by the largely automated plant cultivation process which works alongside LG’s ThinQ app.

A Flexible Weather Control System creates the optimum temperature and conditions for organic growth. It automatically regulates the temperature and light within the Tiiun to mimic the natural day cycle.

The smart gardening system delivers water to the plants eight times every 24 hours. Moisture is further circulated with the Auto Ebb & Watering System.

If that doesn't sound high-tech enough for your indoor garden ideas, the internal structure is also designed to increase photosynthesis efficiency. It amplifies the effects of the internal LED light source to speed up growth.

LG Tiiun

(Image credit: LG)

All this technology combines to transform seeds into vibrant and healthy plants. The tiiun guarantees even the most novice of gardeners a healthy crop of your favorite vegetables or an indoor flower garden.

Like many items created by LG, the tiiun design looks surprisingly elegant for a growing system. It wouldn't look out of place as a smart addition to a modern kitchen. It is available in two stylish biophilic colors - Nature Beige and Nature Green - so can be matched to the color scheme.

The LG tiiun and LG tiiun mini are not currently available to buy. They will be on virtual display at CES 2022 on January 5th, however, you can learn more about them at LG Home.

We wonder how long it is before the tiiun becomes a key part of our kitchen ideas alongside a refrigerator?

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