Designers are inspired by Jennifer Garner's bathroom - it has the secret to giving your own space spa-like vibes

The ever-popular spa style bathroom is one Jennifer Garner is evidently a fan of. Here designers tell us how updating your hardware can achieve the same vibe, minus the cost.

Jennifer Garner with short hair
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Having a home bathroom that evokes the same feelings of serenity and luxury as a spa is a modern day design dream. That sense of being looked after, the elevated elegance, the cucumber water...

Thankfully, Jennifer Garner's own modern bathroom features a few design shortcuts that recreate this feel. The actor - and 13 Going On 30 and Elektra star - filmed a hair routine on her Instagram account with her bathroom in the background, which is basically which is a playbook for a spa aesthetic, so simple and yet so zen.

The  bathroom features a ceiling to floor white walk-in shower that boasts spectacula marble veining, complemented by white built-in cabinets all adorned with unifying brass hardware. And it is this hardware which has caught our eye as a feature which adds dimension and a sense of luxury to a minimalist bathroom space.

Amber Dunford, Style Director at Bed Bath & Beyond in Salt Lake City, Utah tells us that it is the mix of materials in Jennifer’s bathroom which creates the tranquil atmosphere of a spa. ‘The marble shower has soft gray veining that is soothing to the eye and is nicely complimented with brass hardware,’ Dunford explains. ‘Metals in warmer materials like brass, copper or gold can immediately steer a bathroom away from feeling clinical and towards a more approachable lived-in aesthetic.’ 

Marble bathroom with walk in shower

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Dunford goes on to explain that the way the lighting in Jennifer’s bathroom plays off the metal hardware adds to the calm atmosphere of the space, as well as the inherent contrast between the warm-toned hardware and cool-toned marble. ‘The combination of these two contrasting materials creates a psychologically harmonious balance you might find in nature, which is inherently pleasing to us,’ Dunford says. ‘Think about how you might find elements out in nature: stone, water, earth and trees are often existing together, so we enjoy seeing them in combination throughout our home. Colors in warm toned hardware can be found in tree bark, soil, and the sun, contrasting nicely with the cooler marble stone.’

Pink and marble bathroom with shelving ideas

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It is the feeling of 'quiet luxury' vibe which makes Jennifer’s bathroom the inspiration for many. Shivani Vyas of Studio Vyas LLC in Georgia tells us ‘there's something so luxe yet simple about brass hardware - it's timeless and adds a dose of warmth to any sterile or bare space.’ 

Zara Khan of Zara Khan Interiors in San Luis Obispo has a similar feeling and attributes the spa effect of Jennifer’s hardware to its delicate finish. ‘I think the key is to keep the hardware style simple and to opt for round edges instead of rectangular,’ Khan says. ‘This softens the overall look. Spas tend to have more soft, feminine details as opposed to bold, masculine details.’ 

And it's easy to update your own hardware

marble bathroom

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Vyas breaks the hardware update into four simple steps. Firstly, she says to ‘determine if you need pulls or knobs or both (if you need pulls, measure the distance between your two holes to find the right size).’ Then it’s all about numbers: ‘Count the number of pieces you need (and always order 2 extra to store as backup).’ 

Once you have decided how many pieces you are updating, ranging from your drawer handles to your shower head, Vyas says to pick your metal and its finish before it’s out with the old and in with the new as you screw in your gorgeous new hardware for a relaxing spa feel. 

Picking your metal is an important decision when recreating Jennifer’s at home haven. Though you haven’t got to stick to a brass finish like hers, you may want to and Amber Dunford has advice where this is concerned. ‘Bathrooms are areas that get a lot of use and as a result, require more cleaning than other areas of the home,’ Dunford explains. ‘Look for hardware that feels like it will wear nicely with use and cleaning. I would avoid anything too porous or with fussy details. Unlacquered brass, however, is a material that beautifully interacts with being used, as it gains a really nice patina over time.’ 

Designer Julia Longchamps, Principal at Julia Longchamps Design on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, says ‘for hardware that has some personality but is affordable I always love checking out Anthropologie’ and advises to opt for matching metals throughout the space for a sense of cohesion.

Bathroom hardware to buy now

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