You Can Buy Actress Jemima Kirke's Art Collection From Anthropologie — They're the Perfect Investment Pieces

The actress and artist has produced a collection of original art that will soon reign as your favorite piece of wall decor

Jemima Kirke
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Actress and artist Jemima Kirke has collaborated with Anthropologie to launch a one of a kind collection of art, bringing her creative sensibilities to walls near you. The collection consists of 18 pieces of art, across different mediums including watercolor and collage — each with an interesting, expressive quality.

From evocative abstracts and modern portraits to mixed media pieces, this set of art speaks to several varied tastes in style. We love that Jemima has partnered with Anthropologie for the collection, too — if you've never ventured into a gallery to start your art collection before (after all, this is where you're most likely to find the best wall art) this could be the perfect entry point.

Katherine Finder, Chief Merchandising Officer of Anthropologie Living, was keen on collaborating with Jemima in honor of the brand's creative roots and the shared passion in her artistic sensibilities. Katherine tells us that Jemima’s distinctive artistic vision and specifically her compelling portraits drew them to work with her.

'In some ways, your home tells your story,' Katherine says. 'Using art to add color and texture to that story makes the space even more personal. We love to partner with artists who can use their craft to shape a room with color, texture, and soul,' notes Katherine.

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Captivating and thought-provoking, Jemima's portrait work is meant to capture the unfightable limitations of technology. 'The self-portraits with the phone are the union of the old world (painting and portraiture) with the new,' Jemima tells us. 'It’s an attempt to accept that technology and our phones are affecting how we connect to others.' She goes on to tell us that the void instigated by technological advances is constantly increasing. 'It will never satisfy our needs as hot-blooded, emotionally complicated beings who need connection in order to be happy and even survive,' notes Jemima.

'The other drawings aren’t the type of work that gets to see the light of day very often. Yet I’ve been making work that isn’t figurative for longer than the portraiture,' notes Jemima. She poetically reveals that the other artwork in the collection has a quiet presence and we can't help but that think that therein lies the beauty. 'The materials and the impulsive way I make them mean they cannot be recreated. They’re rare and ephemeral, a flash in the pan. There is a difference between precious and fragile. Sometimes there isn’t though,' says Jemima.

Painting of a person

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If there's one thing that we know after perusing through this innovative collection of art, it's simply that Jemima Kirke and Anthropologie are a perfect match. While these pieces are perfectly aligned to the Anthropologie aesthetic, Jemima's personality is still an integral part of the collection.

If you're into maximalism in interior design, we suggest pairing the images with similar styles to create a collage of art. On the other hand, you can keep it minimalistic and let the art of your choice take on its solitary role as a statement piece of decor.

Our favorite pieces from the collection

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