Jake Arnold swears by this one piece of furniture to help make your living room's layout work a million times better

This stylish and sociable piece of decor could very well be the missing piece your living room, office, or entryway needs, says the celebrity interior designer

a living room with a daybed
(Image credit: Michael Clifford. Design: Jake Arnold)

What if you could lay on a couch and a bed at the same time? What if there were a seating hack that instantly opened up your living room, whether big or small? And what if there were a single piece of elevated and upscale furniture that could do all of that at once?

Introducing: the daybed, the it living room piece of the moment. Part couch, part, well, bed, this functional 2-in-1 seating hack works as both a place to dreamily lounge and lay as well as sit and chat. Variations have cropped up in pre-Black Friday furniture sales from Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, CB2, and Wayfair, among other retailers, and we're betting the hype is just getting started.

'I love daybeds because they're double-sided — you can sit on one and part of you can face the sofa in one direction, the other part can face the dining table — it’s so sociable,' interior designer to the stars Jake Arnold tells Livingetc. 'They also help to create a more intimate space as its backless nature means it doesn’t cause any sense of separation.'

To Arnold's point, a daybed in a living room can make the most of an open-concept space, one that lacks built-in divides like walls but needs a bit of organic separation, or maybe in a spot off your entryway, so that those coming and going have a place to don and doff their shoes but also mingle with anyone still at the party.

It's an excellent design choice all around — one dripping in elevated taste and interior acumen — and we're here to help you make the most of your purchase. If you're ready to commit, scroll down and shop our detailed shopping and styling guide below.

How to pick and style a daybed

1. Find the right piece for you

First things first — when buying a daybed, consider how large you want it to be and how large it can reasonably be to still fit into your space. Think of the color you'd like. Think of the style you'd like. Think of how you might pair it. Will it be mostly decorative, or do you hope visitors genuinely use it? How comfortable do you feasibly need it to be? Which room is it for? What is your budget? Once you answer all of these, you're ready to head out to the shops.

2. Style it with pillows and blankets

Now comes the fun part — styling your daybed. Depending on the style of the specific daybed you've purchased, added blankets or pillows might come off as overkill; defer to your personal taste level here. If you are more of a clean-line-loving minimalist, you might steer clear of extra pillows and simply leave the product as is. But if you love adding accents or would like to pull the piece into the room visually with another color, now is your chance. 

Why is a daybed a better choice than a couch?

If a couch works best for your space, by all means, go for it! Sometimes, a daybed just isn't the right option. It might be that your room is too small, or perhaps you can't find the right size or color to match up with what you already have. The sofa isn't going anywhere any time soon.

But ... if you have the choice, Jake Arnold, the designer, put it best: 'Two sofas opposite each other doesn’t feel very right for now — they’re too rigid, and create too much a zone in the middle of a space,' he says. 'Plus, why wouldn’t you want to lounge on a daybed?!'

Brigid Kennedy
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