IKEA has launched tiny sleeping pods in Paris, and they look as exciting as they sound

The Scandinavian powerhouse roamed the Parisian cobbles, and it was all very exciting

IKEA sleep pods in Paris
(Image credit: IKEA France)

IKEA France launched an unconventional celebration of sleep, and it’s a campaign we can get behind. 

The Swedish home manufacturers launched sleeping capsules onto the streets of Paris to promote power naps between 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm – the optimum siesta hours. It's a campaign that combines our love for IKEA with a desire for sleep. What’s not to love?

IKEA designed the capsules to highlight the benefits of sleep – most particularly power naps  – by offering Parisians the chance to try an unorthodox sleep experience amid Paris's iconic arrondissements. 

This is an IKEA hack on wheels in the City of Light, and it’s the answer to our powernap dreams. 

Sleeping pods by IKEA in Paris

(Image credit: IKEA France)

The pods, which are designed to accommodate a ‘sleeping break’ beyond your office, aim to renew your battery through 10-minute power naps – which has an ever-growing appeal as many workers return to the office.

After awakening from a nap, IKEA reveals that you have higher capacities of vigilance, and your concentration improves, ready for the afternoon ahead.

Plus, while siestas are not customary in all countries around the world, power naps remain easily accessible to all – and IKEA has just reminded us how beneficial they can be.

Sleeping pod by IKEA in Paris

(Image credit: IKEA France)

Though you can’t wake up amid the cobbles of Trocadéro every morning, IKEA aims to reshape all bedroom ideas by recreating the benefits of the siesta pods across interiors globally. 

They suggest looking to firm mattresses and semi-firm, light summer duvets, and ergonomic pillows to create a year-round nap base, similar to that that graced the Parisian postcode. 

The Swedish interiors house hoped to ‘optimize every moment of rest – from long nights of slumber to short restorative naps, promoted in the pod.

Sleeping pod by IKEA

(Image credit: IKEA France)

The fleet of siesta pods roamed the streets in early September – in which time, aspiring sleepers had the opportunity to order a pod to their office door by sharing a tweet or story via Instagram. If successful, cyclists delivered the siesta pod within 30 minutes – just enough time to fall in love with IKEA's mattresses (if you haven’t already).

Has this set the future of modern bedroom ideas? Only time can tell. In the meantime, we will see what city IKEA takes over next. 

Megan Slack
Megan Slack

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