IKEA's new "paper" Christmas tree is the best spot for your favorite ornaments - and it costs less than $15

The perfect accessory for making a small space like an entryway feel more Christmassy, while also embracing festive decor that feels modern and cool

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Whether you don't have space for a full-size Christmas tree, or you just want to create a miniature tableau somewhere in your home, investing in a tabletop tree is a surprisingly effective way to decorate for the festive season. 

There is, also, an amazing variety of "alternative" Christmas trees that you might not want to buy for the centerpiece of your Christmas decorating ideas, but that make for great features for kitchens, entryways, or even just on top of a coffee table or sideboard. They also make the perfect spot to display some of your best baubles and ornaments. 

Some of these mini tree alternatives have been around for a while, and we see them year after year, however, our favorite new design comes from IKEA - which has launched a few clever tabletop trees this year. 

paper christmas tree

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Part of IKEA's VINTERFINT collection, this tabletop decoration is a new take on the paper tree trend that we've seen in Christmas decor in recent years, but with one big difference - you can actually hang decorations on it. It's made from a fairly rigid card, so while it's probably not up to holding your heaviest glass ornaments, it's perfect for those lighter-weight baubles - especially any made from paper, fabric or felt. 

It feels like a departure from some of the paper Christmas trees we've seen before down to its contemporary, almost architectural form - while being small enough to fit on a window sill, as entryway table decor or on your kitchen countertops, without taking up too much space. 

It's also one of those great Christmas decorations because when it comes time to take it down, it packs away flat for easy storage until next year. 

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While it's a little more expensive at $39.99, we also can't ignore this other new launch in IKEA's Christmas range. Modern, cool and a little bit Scandi, it's a more substantial tabletop tree, that can hold your heavier decorations and is the perfect place to display some of your treasured ornaments. 

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