Arched floor lamps make living rooms feel more elevated – and this new one from IKEA is an inexpensive way in

These trendy lamps are a great way to introduce some comforting curves to your space

An arched floor lamp with a light blue textile shade overhanging a sofa
(Image credit: IKEA)

If there's one item that we've noticed cropping up in living rooms everywhere, it's arched floor lamps, and we firmly believe every home should have one. We're in an age where convivial curves reign supreme. Softened lines bend to your space and mimic a sense of flow to create a comfy, cozy home that's instantly calming. Pair that with a soft glow of warm ambient lighting, and an arched lamp is the perfect structural anchor to achieve just that. 

The thing is, while the best floor lamps should be an investment piece, they shouldn't have to cost you the earth. Luckily a beautiful pairing of products from our friends at IKEA offers us an affordable yet stylish option that makes a great addition to any space. The base has IKEA's iconic streamlined Scandi vibe while the soft material shade adds the perfect touch of texture just in time for the new season. Ready to join the arched floor lamp club? Here's why we think this one should go straight on your wishlist.  

A living room with an arched floor lamp with a black base and a light blue textile shade overhanging the sofa

(Image credit: IKEA)

Anyone with a keen eye for design will have noticed that arched floor lamps are having a real moment right now. While they can be positioned virtually anywhere, they're mainly used as a living room lighting idea, and the swooping base spanning the space above a sofa is, for the most part, the preferred look. Not only does this configuration offer a soft, warm, and practical glow from above without the need for the dreaded overhead light, but it can really help frame your seating while acting as a great anchor point to float your furniture forward. 

The other reason why arc lamps are so popular right now is purely down to the cyclical nature of trends. If you've been around long enough, you'll know that steely arched lamps were a 1960s staple, while variations of a sinuous lamp base have been around since the Art Deco movement. Right now, these two decades are having a real resurgence, so it follows that a more contemporary take on such an iconic design is in full swing. 

What do IKEA have on offer?

The problem is, some of the more iconic curved lamp designs - like the OG Arco Lamp designed in 1962 by Achille Castiglioni - don't come cheap. So, what do we do when the latest design trend isn't so budget-friendly? We turn to IKEA, of course. 

This new floor lamp from the Swedish homeware brand actually pairs two existing products, although the on-trend smoky blue color of the shade is brand new. Made up of the REGNSKUR shade and the SKAFTET floor lamp base, it brings together two of the biggest trends in lighting for a seriously cozy lighting idea that's perfect for fall. 

The sleek base is the perfect height for swooping above the sofa, while the floor base itself can slide under your seating so it takes up minimal space. The lampshade itself has a sinuous, lantern-esque shape made from a light material that spreads a diffused glow into your space for a soft, cozy atmosphere. If you're not a fan of the blue, it also comes in a pink tone, too. In fact, there are plenty of other IKEA shades that work with the SKAFTET base, from drums to globes, so you can customize your lighting to your heart's content. 

Ready to make your living room lighting feel more cozy than ever? Let this wonderful product pairing from IKEA be your home's new seasonal treat this September. 

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