Explore Hüga: This tiny house designed in Argentina claims to be 'indestructible'

The 'indestructible' tiny house was created to survive all environments so people can 'live wherever they want'

Hüga, the 'indestructible' tiny home, exterior shot of the compact home in the wild
(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

The Argentinian architect- company, Grandio, has unveiled Hüga, a relocatable concrete house that is 'indestructible' and can survive in all climates. 

Though the thought of traveling to faraway lands may seem like a distant dream at present, the Córdoba-based company has revealed a fully designed and ready-to-move modern home that can be placed wherever you choose. 

At only 45m2 (3,90 x 3,90 x 11m), Hüga has one bedroom, a living-dining room, a 'zoned' bathroom, and a mezzanine. All of which are surprisingly chic for a prefabricated 'indestructible house.

The house is also very versatile, it can be extended to include two more bedroom or a larger living room by adding an additional unit. 

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Living room in Hüga, the 'indestructible' tiny home, interior shot of the compact home

(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

Alongside its versatility, Hüga's greatest asset is, perhaps, its large panoramic windows that drench the property in natural daylight and frame the outdoor setting, wherever that may be.

Grandio has recently revealed plans to expand Hüga to North America and Europe after they established partnerships with a US-based precast concrete producer who will supply the home more readily across the globe. Grandio shared that once the house is produced, it can be transported and installed in the desired location in one day, 'without the need for the foundation.' 

Kitchen and dining room in Hüga, the 'indestructible' tiny home, interior shot of the compact home

(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

Even without this foundation, however, Grandio has revealed the tiny home is 'indestructible.' 'It can be placed on the mountains; it will resist Quebec's snowfalls and tornados of Florida or humidity of Louisiana. It can even be buried,' they claim.

Bedroom in Hüga, the 'indestructible' tiny home, interior shot of the compact home

(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

'Hüga was designed considering all kinds of environmental conditions such as those we find in the Andes in the Argentinian Patagonia, a mountain chain shared by Argentina and Chile with a cold, dry climate and powerful winds as well as in a very humid environment, such as Florida,' they added. 

Hüga was first theorized by two architects and two engineers who work for Grandio whilst also teaching at the local university. The tutors observed their students' craving for travel and to live wherever they desire.  

Aerial shot of Hüga, the 'indestructible' tiny home, exterior image of the compact home

(Image credit: Gonzalo Viramonte)

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