How to change your Ring doorbell to festive chimes - and bring the holiday spirit to your front door

Here's how to install Christmas sounds on your Ring doorbell replies to spread festive cheer to all your guests - Give your Ring doorbell a festive twist with this super fun new Christmas feature

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Video doorbells are one of the best inventions of recent years. Initially doubts about them being a gimmick have been cast aside as these clever devices become part of our daily routines. They do so much more than simply alert us to the presence of someone at our door - the best doorbells also allow you to play automated sounds to your waiting visitors.

To get your whole home holiday-ready, home security brand Ring has announced some fun Christmas messages you can enable on your video doorbell ahead of the festivities. Whether you're busy stuffing the turkey, tending to the roast potatoes, or pouring another drink, use the Grinch to greet your guests instead. (Yes, you read that right!)

Utilizing your Ring doorbell's 'Quick Replies' feature is a game changer, and these themed responses will bring extra fun to your front door this festive season. Be it family, friends, or even carol singers, all your guests are sure to share a laugh. Here, we talk you through how you can enable this clever feature on your Ring doorbell. 

What are Ring's Christmas quick replies?

Quick responses are the best way to greet guests in a timely manner without having to stop what you are doing entirely. Use the speaking function to let your guests know you're on your way, or tell them to come to let themselves in the back. Together with the handy video feature, you can even watch people's reactions as they listen to funny responses, which is fun for all the family. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Whether you're a long-time lover of the Ring video doorbell 4 or have recently picked one up in a Black Friday sale, you can offer visitors six brand new Christmas-themed quick replies when they come calling at your front door this holiday season. But these aren't just any old replies, they come in the style of the Grinch, voiced by James Austin Johnson from Saturday Night Live. So, what are they?

  • “Huh? A Visitor? To THIS house? MAX! Should I scare them away? (Dog Barks) Ughhh fine.... you’re no fun. They’ll be right there.”
  • “Oh thank goodness. They’re trying to make me sing songs and bake cookies in there. Me! The Grinch! But now that you’re here—you can do it! They’ll be right there, don’t you move!”
  • “OooooOoOoo!! Look who it is! Are you stopping by for a bit of festive cheer? Ya WHATEVER. Yuck. Unfortunately, there is plenty of cheer to go around, but now you can have my portion! They’ll be there in a bit. Enjoy!”
  • “Okay, hello? Hi. (Coughing) Seems like there’s a bit of a SnAFuuuUuuUU with the Roast Beast in there. Wooo that is stinging my eyes! (Sniffs) TOO MUCH WHO-SAUCE! Sorry, please leave a message.”
  • “Hello, It’s the Grinch-what do you want? No! Don’t answer that. Instead, please leave a message after the weird sound I’m about to make: (Makes sound) OOOEEOWWUUNNGG.”
  • “(Horrified) Oh my... Oh my word... there’s just so much paper, and tape, and bows and smiling. So much laughter! I’ve gotta get out of here! Leave them a message!”

How to set up Christmas themed quick replies on your Ring doorbell

Setting up new Quick Replies couldn't be easier. It works similarly to Ring's Halloween sounds, and you can add new voices from virtually anywhere with just a few taps. Start by opening up the Ring app on your phone, then go to the devices section and select the doorbell you wish to set up. 

From there, tap 'Smart Responses', followed by 'Quick Replies'. Once you've turned 'Quick Responses' on you can choose your message. Scroll down the list and select a year-round message or seasonal greeting, and once you've saved your festive message, you're ready to go. 

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