This Hidden Storage Hack is the Best Way to Disguise Unsightly Stuff in Plain Sight, and it's Easy to DIY

This artsy idea is a win-win with its aesthetic visual appeal and the covert cabinetry that comes with it

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While shelves and cabinets offer trusty storage, they're not particularly visually appealing when used to house our less aesthetic stuff. Of course, regular closed-door cabinetry is a great option for larger rooms that require enough room for items that take up vast amounts of space, but your smaller rooms could benefit from more discreet storage spots instead, and that's where this clever DIY hack comes into play.

With this hidden storage idea, you can heighten the visual appeal of any living space by adorning your walls with art while also creating functional, inconspicuous storage that works just as well as a common cabinet. Not only will it add a touch of luxury, but it'll help you conceal that unsightly clutter, and for small spaces like bathrooms and entryways, it's pure genius. Intrigued to learn more? Here's what you need to know.

DIY Framed Art for Extra Storage

A framed art piece with a storage cabinet

(Image credit: Jasmine Bautista)

In a recent Instagram post courtesy of Jasmine Bautista (@prettylittleflipss), she showed us a great way to introduce storage spots into living spaces without compromising on the overall beauty of the room. Jasmine's clever idea involves taking ornately framed artwork and converting them into mini cabinets using wood panels, door hinges, and a coat of wood stain. Surprisingly, that's all you need for this fancy DIY that's perfect for any room needing a bit of hidden storage.

In conversation with Jasmine tells us that she first came up with the idea when she realized that her small bathroom had far too little space to store her belongings. Not wanting to stuff her things below her vanity where they're hard to reach, she decided to make her own mini cabinet to hide her cosmetics, but she wasn't willing to disrupt the beauty of her rustic bathroom either. Instead, she disguised it in plain sight.

'Although this DIY frame can be used in any room of the home, I have found that the bathroom is an ideal spot for this cabinet art,' she says. 'Seeing that we accumulate many items in the bathroom, this hidden storage hack looks pretty while also hiding any items that you wouldn't want guests to notice.'

To create her covert storage, Jasmine measures and cuts wood panels to fit the back of the frame before aligning the wooden panels to create the outer cabinet layout. Once she has that in place, she goes ahead with smaller panels that are wider in size to act as the inner shelves. After drilling the panels together to create a shelving unit, Jasmine adds hinges to the frame and the cabinet to create a door-like function for the art.

A framed art piece with a storage cabinet

(Image credit: Jasmine Bautista)

Melanie Summers, founder of I Speak Organized, tells us that she finds Jasmine's DIY a brilliant concept for those needing a visual display to avoid the challenges of object permanence, or to quiet visual clutter by offering clean lines.

While Jasmine originally aimed the DIY at disorganized bathrooms, Melanie also tells us that this 'framed' hidden door idea can be used in various different spots around the home, too. 'I love this idea and think it can also be used as an entryway organizer for keys and sunglasses,' she says. She also recommends transforming them into storage nooks for jewelry, kitchen spices, or even sentimental keepsakes like letters, photos, and postcards.

Melanie's top tip for the DIY is to ensure that you take extra care while measuring the frame and the wood in accordance with the items that you're looking to rehome. That way you won't be left with a space too stuffy or too large and it'll be just right as it's made to fit your space. If you're looking for ways to declutter your home, we definitely recommend giving this DIY a go (just make sure you let the rest of the family in on your secretive storage).

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