Hanging this plant over your wardrobe could help you sleep – according to experts

This rapunzel-inspired statement may save your sleeping schedule – and celebrate biophilia in the process

Golden Pothos sleep tip
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The question of how to get a better night's rest is a favorite amongst psychologists and designers alike. However, this latest sleep tip combines the best of the science and interior design worlds – to promote a restful slumber – and elevate your scheme alongside. 

The modern bedroom idea in question comes in the shape of Golden Pothos, a therapeutic plant that is best dangled from your wardrobe – according to those in the know. 

Golden Pothos, also known as Devil's Ivy, is already associable with biophilia (one of the most popular interior design trends of the moment); however, its benefits don't end there. Sleep experts have revealed that this plant will improve your slumber habits, so you can rest easy; this plant looks good and does good too. 

Why the Golden Pothos will help you sleep better

Golden Pothos sleep tip

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According to Meric Pekcan-Butcher, the Marketing Communications Manager at Dreams, the power of this plant comes down to Feng Shui. Incorporating Feng Shui in your decorating ideas improves the Chi (energy) of the room – to promote a better sleep environment. But how does the Golden Pothos come into this?

Meric explains that one way of promoting Feng Shui is to hang a Golden Pothos or another shade-tolerant hanging plant 'over one side of a wardrobe.

However, this expert isn't alone in her praise of this hanging plant. Florida-based plant expert Nikki Bruner adds that the Golden Pothos is 'one of the best houseplants to keep in your bedroom to help you produce peaceful and tranquil dreams.' 

Golden Pothos sleep tip

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Nikki also suggests that once you fall into a slumber, this plant will help you stay asleep for longer.

'Pothos' large leaves help to filter toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Therefore producing a safer and cleaner environment to get rest,' she says. 'Not only are they extremely easy to care for, but they can also tolerate low light conditions making them perfect for any bedroom.'

This plant knows how to look good whilst promoting better wellbeing, and we're wondering why we never knew about it until now. We're about to experiment with the Golden Pothos – for sleep and aesthetic purposes combined. 

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