This Parisian restaurant is set to become the next Instagrammable hotspot – this is what we're stealing from its design

With a rosé infused scheme and overflowing botanical beauty, this neon utopia is a fancy French daydream

Giorgio bar and pink seats
(Image credit: The Travel Buds / Courtesy of Gruppo Dalmata)

Heaven is a place on earth, and it's located at 21 Rue de Charonne, Paris. Among the most exciting new openings amid the city's 11th arrondissement is Giorgio, a cotton-candy-hued playground for interior-enthusiasts and Italian-food lovers who can feast their sensory – and their visionary senses on its kaleidoscopic delights. Giorgio is the sister of Dalmata, the first and equally fashionable haven designed by restaurant owners Gruppo Dalmata. 

With its abundance of Napoli-style pizzas, couture cocktails, and disco-inspired decor, this pastel hangout has just set the tone for our modern home decor ideas, and we can't help but wholeheartedly welcome its aesthetic into our interiors. Here are our five favorite quirks. 

1. Experiment with pink tiles

Giorgio bar with pink tiles

(Image credit: The Travel Buds / Courtesy of Gruppo Dalmata)

It is perhaps unsurprising that Giorgio's tiles showcase the restaurant's overriding color scheme – but just because these blushing hues effortlessly fit in this space – they are no less perfect for our own homes. 

Challenge the conventional and introduce a flirty kiss of this trendy tone into your kitchen or bathroom – because who says tiles should stay neutral? Plus, when they look as good as Giorgio's, who can surely disagree?

2. Curate a floral living wall 

Giorgio living wall with colorful flowers

(Image credit: The Travel Buds / Courtesy of Gruppo Dalmata)

Green may be the indisputable leader of our painted wall ideas this season, but Giorgio's has taken these organic hues one step further with its green living wall. These verdant pieces create an unrivaled statement whilst blurring the lines between your interior and exterior spaces. 

Giorgio has added their maximalist signature to this bold wall by filling it with colorful blooms as a nod to the indulgent interiors that await beyond its archway.  

3. Give into neon  

Giorgio neon lights and pink seats

(Image credit: The Travel Buds / Courtesy of Gruppo Dalmata)

It's no secret that neon is at the top of our lust-list, and if Jonathan Adler's new collection with Yellowpop hadn't already sold these vibrant pieces – then Giorgio's example certainly will. Neon lights radiate happiness through their vibrant designs and fearless slogans that turn your home from a domestic space into a party place.

4. Create a window seat  

Giorgio window seat between the indoor and outdoor space

(Image credit: The Travel Buds / Courtesy of Gruppo Dalmata)

This 18th-century staple was already enjoying a contemporary renaissance before Giorgio blessed Bastille's streets with its stylish window seat – but now we are even more invested. 

This window seat, like all that pay homage to the Victorian trend, combines a sense of serenity with an almost nostalgic style that works in all interior schemes – including those that mimic a 1970s disco. We're following Giorgio's lead and turning this century-old focal point into a practical modern living room idea.  

5. Invest in colored marble  

Giorgio red marble table with pizza and wine

(Image credit: The Travel Buds / Courtesy of Gruppo Dalmata)

While monochromatic marble may infuse our spaces with a cool minimalist aura, Giorgio's fiery exhibition of this staple material has reshaped our modern kitchen ideas. This subtle red table is serious enough to stand in a mature space yet fun enough to portray a lighthearted aesthetic to all your dinner party guests. As red is among the trendiest colors of the season, this ruby jewel is the furniture your home needs. 

More information is available at Gruppo Dalmata. Giorgio is found at 21 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France.  

Megan Slack

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