Five ways to style the IKEA KROKHOLMEN – the chic outdoor coffee table taking over Instagram

Cacti, coffee, and whole lot of red paint – welcome to the wonderful world of the KROKHOLMEN

IKEA coffee table
(Image credit: Instagram)

There's a whole lot to love about the IKEA KROKHOLMEN. While this cool outdoor furnishing is sold as a coffee table, its fashionable shape, size, and color mean its uses stretch far beyond a place to simply leave your cup of joe - it's crying out to be the subject of plenty of IKEA hacks. Though, we never want to discourage coffee consumption. 

Naturally, Instagram has wholly embraced the stylish versatility of the KROKHOLMEN, as users have taken to the platform to showcase their twist on the Swedish-designed staple – and we're taking notes whilst canceling our weekend plans to visit IKEA. So, from scarlet-kissed mesh tops to an outdoor living room – these are our five favorite ways to style the KROKHOLMEN.

1. KROKHOLMEN in a home-sanctuary  

coffee table

(Image credit: Marjolijn Kroon)

 While the KROKHOLMEN's natural beige hues offer a soft palette for painting, the neutral shade is also one of the table's best assets. The coloring allows the table to fit effortlessly into a therapeutic sanctuary-style garden without overwhelming the space or making it feel crowded. 

Instead of using the table as a statement piece, Marjolijn Kroon styles her KROKHOLMEN so that it effortlessly blends into her garden – curating a subtle spa-like environment.

'You can style [the KROKHOLMEN] endlessly,' Marjolijn shares. 'In this case, I like the round shape [alongside] the low handmade old wooden rectangular table. The large black pot also matches beautifully with the tenderness of the table.'

2. A kaleidoscopic KROKHOLMEN 

IKEA coffee table

(Image credit: @coraille_de_rostere)

 While we're indulging in the neutral tones of the KROKHOLMEN, we're equally sold on its colorful transformation. The table's original color allows creatives, such as @coraille_de_rostere, to inject hints of their personality across the piece. 

While they have opted for a statement fire engine red, the table will work in every color across the spectrum, in every type of garden scheme. 

3. KROKHOLMEN in an outdoor living space 

IKEA coffee table

(Image credit: @himmelkullen's)

 Since grey is the color of the year, we couldn't neglect to feature @himmelkullen's soft grey KROKHOLMEN, which stands as the focal point of her indoor/outdoor space. Follow her lead, and create a stylish outdoor living room, complete with a chic garden light, rug, sofa, and, of course, a coffee table. 

4. KROKHOLMEN for escapism  

 No vacation? No problem. Steal tips from @laura_and_bo, who has styled her KROKHOLMEN alongside a sun umbrella – and bring the ambiance of a French Riviera cafe to your back garden.

'The plan was to create a corner in my garden where I could drop my bags, kick off my shoes and fall back into a cool and shaded space,' she shared. 'The table is the perfect height for a quick al fresco coffee break and really stands out against the black – creating the cool monochrome vibe I was after.'

5. KROKHOLMEN for the inside  

coffee table

(Image credit: IKEA)

 So, the KROKHOLMEN is an outdoor coffee table. Why should our gardens have all the fun? With its mesh top and effortlessly chic color scheme, the KROKHOLMEN is the coffee table we didn't realize we needed in our interiors until now. Style the table alongside verdant house plants to continue the indoor/outdoor aesthetic inside your home. And of course, don't forget the coffee. 

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