Five interior tips to steal from this pretty pink house in London

The Pink Ladies called – they want to rent this rosé-infused apartment for their next sleepover

Pretty-pink London home
(Image credit: Knight Frank)

If Lady Penelope lived in London today, we’re reasonably confident that she’d reside at Craven Hill Gardens in Bayswater. Why? Because the address in question is home to the prettiest pink apartment on the market – currently listed for £1.1 million ($1.55 million).

This perfect pastel period property celebrates a blushing color scheme through its exquisitely curated reception room, kitchen, and living area – from its soft furnishings to its bold and brassy light fixtures. However, while we can’t all pick up the keys to this pink paradise, we can certainly mirror its chic style throughout our own modern homes

Take note of these five tips (with a pink fluffy gel pen, of course) and prepare to inject some rose-tinted beauty into your interiors.

1. Dress your window with botanical printed curtains  

Pretty-pink London home living room

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

If there is one take-away from this season, it's that chintz has had an upgrade from your great aunt's old living room. Yes, ornate botanical prints are having a moment, and it's easy to see why when observing the maximalist pattern in all its glory in this apartment's living room. 

This whimsical pattern frames the large window to bring the leafy Westminster neighborhood into the forefront of the room and subtly emphasize the trees outside, making them the focal point of the room.

2. Accentuate your home's natural assets

Pretty-pink London home

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

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With a heritage rooted in the Victorian era, this pink apartment is brimming with original period features – but our personal favorite is the authentic fireplace, showcased in the kitchen. 

While we can't all indulge in the delights of this nineteenth-century haven, we can still draw from its timeless interiors to celebrate our home's original features. Whether we emphasize our high ceilings or small doorway – we're feeling inspired to bring the aging features to the forefront of our interiors.

3. Bring metallic tones into a fun-filled color scheme 

Pretty-pink London home

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

Perhaps the only thing greater than pink is pink paired with metallic shades. So, of course, this apartment has curated the brass and golden tones to complement its dusty rosy hues – from its modernist metal light fixtures, hanging from the elaborate high ceilings to the quaint accessorizes, as seen above. 

Pink can often feel like a tough tone to work into our interiors, but when working alongside these bold colors, you simply can’t go too far wrong. 

4. When in doubt, make a statement with a ladder

Pretty-pink London home

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

We confess, we have a favorite part of this pink home, and it’s this ladder in the kitchen. This statement furnishing is sure to steal the attention of all who visit– because who wouldn’t want a pink wooden ladder running throughout the heart of their home? It’s playful, practical, and oh so stylish. 

But beware, investing in a ladder will make your kitchen the go-to place for house party photos because absolutely everybody’s Instagram will benefit from this ultra-chic furnishing. 

5. Maximalism is (extremely) fashionable 

Pretty-pink London home

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

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Maximalism comes in all shapes and sizes, and in this case, we’re enjoying maximalism’s trendiest cousin – Cluttercore. But, please, do not be disheartened by the label. Despite its somewhat negative connotations, it is the biggest interiors trend to take over social media, and it’s our new favorite craze. 

The trend that celebrates filling our homes with pieces that make us infinitely happy, rather than hiding them away in our cupboards and our homes, has never looked so personal and chic. If you’re looking for that perfect balance, look to this pretty pink house, which fills its living space with books, candles, and trinkets without sacrificing its style. 

This apartment in Craven Hill Gardens, Bayswater is currently listed with Knight Frank. We've just ordered a crate-load of pink paint – and after seeing this house, we can only hope everybody follows suit. 

Megan Slack

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