Experts explain why a bedroom rug is a must-have for a good night's sleep

A rug can have a surprising number of benefits when it comes to your nighttime wellbeing…

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There are many things we can do to create a better sleeping environment in our bedrooms - from dimming the lights to adding soothing essential oils to our routine, to keeping our devices away from our beds.

One other way to guarantee better shut-eye is to implement a subtle change to your interiors - by adding a high pile rug to your bedroom. While a rug on a wooden floor is one of the best modern bedroom ideas, experts also agree that it could encourage deeper and more restorative sleep, too. 

 How can a rug improve our sleep?’s interior design expert Kane Hughes, explained, 'Noisy neighbors or housemates are one of the most distracting things that can prevent us from falling asleep. But thankfully, there are a few things that can be done from a design stance to help reduce this noise pollution.'

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He explained, 'High pile (or thick) rugs, in particular, are great for dampening out sounds from below.' Not only that - rugs can generally quiet noise from everywhere else, be it traffic noise or sound disturbance from your partner getting out of bed.

Amelia Jerden, a certified sleep science coach and sleep expert at Sleepopolis said, 'Hard floors such as tile or wood don’t absorb sounds like carpet or rugs do. Adding a rug ensures less echo, making the room a quieter place for rest.'

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But, it’s important to remember that not all rugs are made equal, and choosing the correct type can make a big difference to your slumber.

What sort of rug can improve your sleep the most?

Ismail Kuden, co-founder of Kuden Rugs explained, 'The best options are rugs made from natural fibers, such as wool, cotton, or jute. These are especially effective at absorbing lower frequency sounds, such as those produced by footsteps or voices. 

'Synthetic fibers do not absorb noise as well as natural fibers, and can actually cause echoes in large rooms.' Natural fibers are also one of the biggest carpet trends for 2022, so your bedroom will look bang up-to-date too.

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Outside of the rug’s thickness, it can also be helpful to choose an option in a calming, neutral color - a popular bedroom feng shui option. Josh Blackburn, Director of Design and Construction of Evolving Home, told us, 'Selecting rugs in soothing shades can make the space feel even more comfortable and peaceful. Optics also have a big influence on our overall wellbeing.'

And, it can be beneficial to choose a rug that fills most of your floor space, too, for maximum comfort. Susan Currie, the founder of Susan Currie Design, said, 'We love a rug that fills the room, leaving about 12 - 18 inches from the walls, allowing most of your furniture to be placed on the rug, too.'

A rug that spans across your bedroom floor will guarantee a cozy feel wherever you are in the room, which will also help to promote better sleep.

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