This one stylish furnishing will instantly create the illusion of space in your garden

These pieces have decorated homes for centuries – but now it's time to take them outside

Large mirror in an outdoor zoned space
(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

It is easy to write a love letter to the timeless mirror. Beyond their decorative allure, these pieces are renowned for their space-enhancing qualities that make a room feel brighter and instantly more spacious. While a mirror's power is already celebrated across the interiors industry, antique expert Owen Pacey has revealed how to accentuate these benefits in a more unconventional setting: the garden. 

Sharing his modern garden ideas, the Founder of Renaissance London, Owen Pacey, encourages you to 'create a whole new dimension' in your exteriors by taking your mirror outside. He suggests that correctly using a mirror can 'create an illusion that can make it look twice the size.' 

Owen explains that a 'well-positioned mirror' can transform any part of your home – including your garden – as its reflective powers 'lighten and enlarge' a space while enriching its scheme with an 'element of interesting design.' 

Outdoor fireplace with mirror by Trilbey Gordon

(Image credit: Trilbey Gordon)

Yes, alongside their space-enhancing assets, mirrors will also reshape your garden's aesthetic by continuing your interior scheme across your outdoor space. This urban gardening idea blurs the lines between your indoor and outdoor living spaces and makes your home feel airier and more spacious. 

Owen particularly recommends sourcing an antique mirror that will make your garden feel bigger and look ever-so-chic in the process. 

'Antiques are a way of expressing personality, and by including a treasure trove of found objects in a small garden or courtyard can help create a space that is full of character and brings a sense of history to a newer home,' Owen explains. 

Garden mirror

(Image credit: Aboveall / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo)

Alongside their quintessential aura, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura, Catharina Björkman, suggests garden mirrors also equally offer a Scandinavian allure that is an equally trendy modern home decor idea. She recommends placing the mirror on your garden fence, which will 'further enhance the feeling of an extra room.' 

'Strategically placed mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space, so even if you haven't got a large garden, it will look and feel more spacious – ideal if you're having guests over,' Catharina says. 

Whether you embrace this unorthodox garden idea for its antique ambiance or its Scandi-cool style, one thing is certain; mirrors are the (not so) secret to a more spacious exterior space. We're going to throw a garden party to celebrate this ingenious space solution. 

Megan Slack

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