We gave the eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual 5 stars - and now it's $80 cheaper

The eufy Video Doorbell Dual scored top marks for us, and now Amazon has slashed the price by 31%

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual
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The Prime Early Access sale is currently going on at Amazon, and lots of smart home gadgets and devices have seen their prices knocked down as a result. While some deals are certainly better than others, one that has caught our eye is the 31% discount on the eufy Video Doorbell Dual (on Amazon US, or you can save 22% in the UK), which earned 5 stars when we reviewed it earlier this year.

You can click the link to view the eufy Video Doorbell Dual deal or read on if you're unsure whether it's the right smart doorbell camera for your home. To see how it measures against other models, head over to our guide to the best video doorbells. For our in-depth thoughts, take a look at our review of the eufy Video Doorbell Dual.

Why we love the eufy Video Doorbell Dual

When testing the eufy Video Doorbell Dual, we were impressed with how much of the front porch area it was able to show. Not just settling for one view of the doorway, the doorbell has a second camera that shows a view of the ground - ideal for fielding couriers and checking for packages that may have been left.

The second camera is understandably the big selling point of the eufy Video Doorbell Dual, but there is plenty elsewhere in the camera's features list that make it stand out. For example, you can use the eufy HomeBase (often - but not always - included with the doorbell itself) to store footage locally rather than in the cloud. The HomeBase also acts as a chime, so no extra costs.

On top of all this, we found the eufy Dual very easy to set up and use. We opted to install it wirelessly, but you can also hardwire it if you don't want to recharge it every few months. It also works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

eufy Video Doorbell Dual

(Image credit: eufy)

Who would the eufy Video Doorbell Dual suit?

We would recommend the eufy Video Doorbell Dual to almost everyone, but especially those who get more deliveries than the average person. We think the device is a fantastic doorbell on its own, with no downtime during the testing period and a loud, clear chime sent to both the HomeBase and our phone (covering you if you have a larger home or you're often far away from the front door).

We also love how the doorbell looks, with a sleek black finish and rose gold ring around the front camera that really elevates the design. When compared to doorbells from other leading brands, it's one of the most stylish doorbells that we've come across.

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