Introducing the new galactic paint trend that will transport your interiors to otherworldly heights

Create a utopia somewhere between a dream and a futuristic reality – all from the kiss of a paintbrush

Crown Crystal paint in an office with glass furnishings
(Image credit: Crown AW21 Crystal Mid - Soft Ash and Teal Matt Emulsion, Platinum Bathroom Emulsion)

Everybody from here to the Space Station needs to know about 'Crystal,' the newest paint trend that will elevate walls in every corner of the galaxy. With its astronomical aesthetic, Crystal radiates an ethereal allure through its translucent shine and sleek finish, but despite its supernatural aura, this trend is surprisingly grounded...

Crystal is a response to an increased interest in the impact of interior design in relation to mental wellbeing and stems from a study in color psychology to promote a happier home. This painted wall idea is here to reshape planet earth.

In all its glorious hues, Crystal paint can be hard to get right. So, we've caught up with the experts who shared their styling secrets. 

Crown paint in a dining room

(Image credit: Crown AW21 Crystal Main - Blue Glaze and Printworks, Crafted Collection)

1. Pair crystal paint with transparent surfaces – for an unrivaled shine 

'Crystal is all about light, transparency, and reflection. Sharp edges and crisp shards of color where lines and angles meet [and] echo what happens when light is refracted. Materials are glass, mirror, and metal – anything that has a shine or luster for a sleek polished look,' explains Crown Color Consultant Judy Smith. As crystal paint draws from these luminous surfaces, pairing the radiant hues with timeless glass tones creates a brilliantly bold space that would make even the most sparkling disco feel envious.  

2. Keep your scheme clean 

With its statement brilliance, Crystal stands as an unrivaled focal point in any room. So, it is important to keep the rest of your scheme balanced by keeping other features minimalistic. 

Crown AW21 Crystal Mid - Soft Ash and Teal Matt Emulsion, Platinum Bathroom Emulsion

(Image credit: Crown AW21 Crystal Mid - Soft Ash and Teal Matt Emulsion, Platinum Bathroom Emulsion)

'Clarity, purity, and wellbeing are key elements behind our crystal trend. Highly polished and sleek furniture on a backdrop of crystal-like colors overlaid with translucent materials creates a dreamlike space you can submerge your senses,' says Crown Studio's designer Justyna Korczynska. This space will act as a safe yet somewhat mystical space that offers protection from 'the harsh world outside' – this is the modern living room idea of our dreams.

3. Go fun, with a supernatural twist 

For a contemporary nod to pure unrivaled fun, Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy, suggests using 'pink and purple crystal paint' that will inject the daring sense of excitement you may be craving following the pandemic. 'People want to switch things up, and painting is one of the first things people do,' Andre adds. Is this interior design idea the unorthodox respite we all so crave? We're certainly willing to experiment. We're on the verge of a brand new space age.  

Megan Slack

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