This Viral Buy is the Easiest Way to Introduce Sconce Lights to Your Bathroom Without any Wiring

There's no need to hardwire these clever battery-powered sconce lights

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Lighting is a vital component in every room, and the bathroom is no exception. It's easy to overlook its importance in this primarily practical space, but besides the bright overhead light, softer side lighting is essential if you want to create a calming spa-like sanctuary that promotes relaxation.

Unfortunately, lighting can be an expensive home improvement, particularly when you have to hire an electrician to help you with the process. If you're desperate to leave unflattering lighting in 2023 you'll be pleased to know that we've found an affordable solution, and it's super easy to install. This set of viral wall sconces is perfect for upgrading your bathroom lighting without the need for rewiring, and there are also a host of alternative options from Amazon.

Say goodbye to the overhead lights making you feel terrible every time you look in the mirror and welcome in these design-forward brass sconces that pair practicality with style. We guarantee it'll be one of the best purchases for your modern bathroom that you make in 2024.

Lighting is important in all aspects of interior design and can really make or break a room's overall look. The place we notice this most is the bathroom, which is often plagued by bad lighting. After perusing through the latest bathroom trends it's clear that the retro wall sconce is making a comeback, especially when a pair is used to flank your bathroom mirror. We love the look of smaller wall lights above a bathroom vanity, especially the flattering warm lighting they provide.

You might have thought this feature requires a professional to perform all the complicated rewiring but think again. Upon searching for an affordable solution we stumbled across these gorgeous wall lights from Pooky that are perfect for any bathroom. 

We were inspired by a recent video posted by home content creator Toby Perryman-Payne (@tobyshome) via Instagram where he styles the beautiful brass sconces on either side of his vanity mirror. 'This is the best wireless wall light I’ve found,' he writes in his caption. 'It’s not ridiculously expensive, is dimmable, and will add warmth to any corner of your home, without having to get costly electrical work done!'

This bathroom lighting idea is relatively affordable, but the real sell is that they're extremely easy to put up. They're completely wireless meaning there's no need for any electrical work, and the long-life battery is easy to recharge. All you need to do is simply drill a few holes into the wall and fix your lights in position. Once up, the lights are they're also dimmable, allowing you to achieve that perfect warm cozy lighting you so desire. What's more, there are plenty of other alternative options out there, including these stylish brass sconces from Amazon which have a simple shade for a warm glow.

If you want a simple upgrade for your bathroom this new year, look no further than this clever idea. It could be exactly what's needed to transform your space into the spa bathroom you've always wished for. 

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