Calling all classic car lovers! This new paint collection is inspired by some of Porsche's most iconic vintage shades

Celebrating 75 years of iconic design, this new paint collaboration channels the charm of vintage cars

colourful Porsches by swatches of paint
(Image credit: Backdrop)

You can tell that paint brand Backdrop has a lot of fun coming up with new colors. Not only do they have some brilliant names - Pretty Ugly and Interior Motives are two of our favorites - but they also work on some pretty iconic collaborations, which has included clothing brands and even Barbie. 

The latest in their line of collabs is with Porsche - something a little unexpected, but that has brought us new paint hues we never knew we needed. Celebrating 75 years of Porsche, they've launched emblematic shades inspired by some classic Porsche colors  and translated them into modern paint ideas

After searching through several eras of sportscars the team decided on these four heritage-inspired shades: “Ruby Star,” “Irish Green,” “Riviera Blue,” and “Speed Yellow”. These bold colors have been splashed across some of Porsche's most famous designs, including the 911, 928 and 356C. And now, for the first time, they can be splashed across your living room. 

Irish Green

porsche irish green backdrop

(Image credit: Backdrop)

Part of the Porsche legacy since 1960 this elegant color was first seen on the 356C and the original 911. Moodiness is a color trend we see designers moving towards in line with color trends, and this deep green is the perfect shade for the task. 

Ruby Star

ruby star porsche backdrop

(Image credit: Backdrop)

Ruby Star might not be the color most synonymous with Porsche, but for fans of the car, it's a favorite. 

Magenta also happens to be one of our top color trends of 2023, if you needed any more convincing. Its distinctive vibrance stands out in a parking lot and will make your living room pop in the same way. 

Speed Yellow

porsche backdrop speedy yellow

(Image credit: Backdrop)

Probably the most vibrant of the four paint colors, Speed Yellow is not for the average home. But for those of you with a need for speed, this paint offers you the opportunity to incorporate the legendary racing color on your walls and fill your space with energy. 

Riviera Blue

porsche backdrop blue

(Image credit: Backdrop)

Just when you thought the world had enough blue living rooms, along comes this electric shade that has instantly changed our minds. 

Another bold and brilliant shade from the collaboration that we cannot wait to see in action. It's exciting and modern, and just what we need to spruce up a tired, date room. 

Amy McArdle
News writer

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