This Clever DIY Will Transform Your Unsightly Cables Into Works of Art That you Actually Want to Live With

Even extension cords should be worthy of display

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Extension cables are a necessary evil in every home. In our technological age, a room never has enough plug sockets for all your gadgets, lamps, and other electricals, but the stark white plastic cords stick out like a sore thumb amongst a minimalist modern interior.

If this sounds familiar we have a revolutionary trick for you. Rather than desperately trying to disguise your unsightly cables and cords, why don't we just make them a part of our modern living room design by turning them into works of art that are worthy of display in their own right? 

It might be impossible to imagine at first thought, but it's a task that's easier said than done. Agreed - finding a way to combine design and functionality can be difficult, but we have found a simple DIY that does just that. Here, we'll explain how you can transform your ugly extension cables into a design feature that you'll actually want to live with. 

No one wants a white plastic cable running across their plush living room rug, but it's the reality for many. Fortunately, we've found an easy DIY to transform that eyesore into something that looks entirely unrecognizable, and it's all thanks to a wooden cable cover for your power strip.

This clever hack comes courtesy of Jodi Go, an interior and lifestyle influencer who shares his design ideas and hacks over on Instagram. He recently shared a reel documenting the struggle of working from home and having multiple wires strewn across the floor, a situation that many of us can relate to, be it within the home office, living room, or bedroom. His solution? A cover that doesn't simply conceal the ugly white cable but acts as decor as well. 

Having found this fun and playful idea on Pinterest, Jodi was itching to give it a go himself. The DIY is simple enough to do but prewarning - it does require some rewiring which won't be for everyone. Start by getting your hands on some wooden blocks, like these from Amazon. Make sure they have a hole big enough to fit your wire in or, if you're a dab hand with power tools, feel free to drill your own like Jodi does.

The next step is to thread your wooden blocks onto your cable. If your cable detaches from an adaptor, you might be able to do this easily enough. Otherwise, you'll cut your cable to thread it before rewiring a plug. Don't worry though, this isn't quite as technical as it sounds - all that's needed is a cable replacement plug like this one from Amazon. Once you've cut your power strip, you have to reconnect the live, ground, and neutral wires with their corresponding counterparts, but only commit to doing this if you feel comfortable to.

The finished result is a stylish extension cord worthy of display that you don't have to hide away after every use! If you're feeling inspired, you can even get creative with different designs and colors to match your decor, too.

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